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Vanessa Aragon

Freelance Fashion Illustrator & T-Shirt Designer

Location:Vallejo, California, United States
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To whom this may concern,

Hi! My name is Vanessa. I am a creative artist, freelance fashion designer, and a Visual Brand Merchandiser & Stylist.

I am currently seeking for a more creative career opportunity in the design field of the industry,
and i believe this company is the perfect fit for me!

I am a very creative hands-on visual artist. Both Art & design are a passion.
As a growing designer, I keep an open mind with all sides of the industry from business to creative.

I have high creative and technical experience in fashion design from previous employments,
internships and volunteers, a good eye for fashion, and very fashion savvy.
In addition, I am constantly updated with the industry, from magazines,
social networking, and forecasting sources.

I am very passionate, self-motivated, work-well under pressure,
great multi-tasker, very detail-oriented, and outgoing.
With my high technical & creative experience in the fashion industry as a designer,
student, stylist, and an artist, I believe I can make a very interesting,
tasteful, and a great addition & asset to your company!

If the position as a Fashion Illustrator is still available, I am very interested!

Salary, Negotiable.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Looking forward and Happy Holidays!


Vanessa A.