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Keith Goodson

Freelance Artist & Painter

Location:Lake Alfred, Florida, United States
Phone: 8635858406
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I am a freelance artist that has been in the business for over 25 years. I guarantee my work and I know that I can bring your dream project to life.

The arts are a way of life; they play a major role in our culture, both in history and our modern day. The skills I have developed have allowed the bridge between creative thought and final artistic expression to be a reality. My disciplines include fine art, murals, portraits, graphic design, and stage production. As an artist I have the ability to not only produce conceptional drawings of your Idea but also to merge the heart of an artist with that of a skilled craftsmen.
Self-employed Professional Artist and Muralist with 21 years of experience.
Areas of expertise include traditional artist creations using oil and acrylic medium.
Painting includes fine art, illustration, murals, set design, and concept design.
Disciplined in the Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightwave, and Painter
Creative professional with extensive project experience from concept to development.
Talents include conceptual design both with traditional media and computer graphics.
Experienced in most media including outdoor paints, indoor paints, and artist paints with interest in acrylic and oil.
Having skills to oversee other artist on a specific project.
Having a strong ability to co-create with other artist on the same project or joint projects.
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