Paul Immanuel

Freelance Video Editor & Videographer

Location:Reading, Reading, United Kingdom
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I consider myself to be a creative person who is constantly driven to further extend my knowledge. I am competent at writing scripts and have done so for the Royal Mail to aid an educational DVD which I produced. I thoroughly enjoy editing, camera work and audio, it’s something that I want to work with in both my professional and private life.

I am highly ambitious and take pride in my work. I’m a great team player and also happy to work on projects alone. I would consider myself to be an asset as I feel I have the ability to visualise what clients are looking for and what will best suit their agenda. This ability allows me to make the most of the planning stage to ensure that I can produce a high quality product.

I’ve had great feed back from many people, this makes what I love doing that much more fulfilling. I have no desire to become complacent and will continue to push myself throughout my career.

Your’s Sincerely

Paul Immanuel
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Video Editing