Connie Damata

Freelance Editor & Proofreader

Location:Walla Walla, Washington, United States
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Versatile Technical Editor and Writer with extensive experience in specification and user documentation:
• Tenacious attention to detail and dedication to producing work of the highest quality
• Revising existing documentation to update content and presentation
• Mastery of the written English language including syntactical and stylistic expertise
• Skills for developing texts from technical information, drawings, and personnel over the entire product lifecycle
• Proficiency in a variety of writing styles and editing tools to meet the needs of diverse audiences
• Proven ability to work both independently and on a team using various text editing applications

• Edited technical requirements for numerous Class III medical systems, ensuring they were comprehensive, accurate, and complete as well as organized, testable, and consistent. These included the software, hardware, user interface, and total system design and performance requirements, providing the necessary documentation for FDA and EEA approval of defibrillation and pacemaker systems and their clinical studies. Authored specifications for new features in these systems.
• Served as technical lead for revising, creating, and editing physician’s manuals, system and reference guides, package labeling, and other user documentation of several implantable medical systems, ensuring compliance to specified standards and resulting in FDA and EEA approval of said systems.
• Authored requirements, user interface specifications, and training documentation for military navigation and flight management computer systems used by the US Army/Air Corps in Operation Desert Storm and in covert military and government operations, ensuring quality and compliance to military standards.
• Authored and edited numerous software quality assurance, configuration management, and test plans and procedures; system and software reports; hazard analyses; and traceability matrices, which were inspected and approved for medical and military use. Authored proposals, schedules, and budgets for software development and testing.
• Documented financial plans detailing requirements and execution instructions for small startup businesses, enabling them to become viable businesses.
• Authored incident and daily reports in clear and precise terminology, supporting law enforcement activities in investigations and prosecutions.

Boston Scientific Corp. (formerly Guidant Corp. and InControl, Inc.) - Redmond, WA 1994-2010
Medtronic Corp. (consultant P/T) - Redmond, WA 2000-2001
Siemens Medical Systems Inc., Ultrasound Group - Issaquah, WA 1992-1994
Horizons Technology, Inc. - San Diego, CA 1988-1991

Financial and Tax Advisor (Self Employed) - San Diego, CA
San Diego Sheriff Dept. - San Diego, CA

BS in Computer Science (magna *** laude)
San Diego State University
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