johannes Boer

Freelance Technical Illustrator & Landscape Painter

Location:United States
2 Skills
Boer & Boer specialize in high-technical transparent, exploded views and cut-away illustrations. Give us a blue print, photographs, the actual product, CAD files or your rough concept scribbled on a napkin and we will create a wonderful visual to show your client or your sales force how something works or is put together. We can illustrate the very complicated and detailed to a simple row of “how-to” illustrations.

Our strength is being able to translate a client’s idea or concept and put it on paper, giving your advertising needs a new look to capture the viewer’s eye. We can adjust our style to fit your need – creating the look of airbrush, water color, ink with color, pencil, etc. We actually UNDERSTAND what we are drawing. Most of our work is done on the computer using Illustrator, Photoshop or Sketch Up, but if you prefer an illustration done the old-fashioned way “by hand on actual paper” – we are among the few who still master that technique.
Technical drawings and architectural drawings are very similar. Here we need to be precise, patient, smart and able to translate and visualize the 2D information in 3D illustrations. We can create floor plans and site plans to help sell your homes as well as portray how a home will look when finished with whatever type of siding, roof, windows, doors, etc. you may choose. After the home is illustrated we can put your home in a landscape for whatever part of the country you are living in.
After receiving the information to work from, our process involves a couple rounds of rough concepts to show to your client for input or changes, deletions or additions. Then we proceed to the final finished product. We work in close communication with our clients, be they advertising agencies or the marketing departments of a company or organization.