Cynthia Jacobs

Freelance Brochure Designer & Personal Assistant

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
2 Skills
To Whom it may concern

I am able to respond to any project; commitment; office request, on stage; behind the scenes; in front of the camera and radio. I know all organizational procedures and can perform virtually every task with skill, conviction and speed.

I have been praised by my superiors for dedication to my outstanding customer care and for working harmoniously with colleagues.

I am an interesting; engaging and endurable young professional. I have the ability to draw; reach out and touch people no matter the age; class or race. This comes from the experience of working with nationals from across the world in South Africa and abroad.

I have been working as a professional since the tender age of 8; maybe younger doing industrial theatre; singing at concerts and MC with 13 years of experience in the corporate and public sector. To date I have written 2 screen plays and a book. I have produced 3 industrial theatre pieces. I just completed a radio presenting course to add to the work I have already done in the industry. I am a creative junky and have an adrenaline for artistic creations.

I believe my talent and experience is what South Africa and the world need to add flavor to an already appetizing industry. I firmly believe my uniqueness; creativity and interesting nature will keep people engaged for generations to come.

I am the difference that I want to see in the world and I have already impacted many lives.

I have attached my CV to this letter to validate my experience. By perusing through my CV it will be noted that I have worked for different organizations and in less than a year or within a year I have been promoted. This is the quality I bring to any place I work at. To highlight but one; I volunteered during the 2010 FIFA world cup started out as a volunteer; the day the tournament started I was promoted to volunteer supervisor.

I believe in giving my best and my all resulting in quality work. I believe I can perform to your complete satisfaction and may be reached at 0732291539. Thank you.

Cynthia J