Allison Scarry

Freelance Drawer & T-Shirt Designer

Location:Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
2 Skills
Imaginative, creative, and gifted artist. I have been designing and creating since I was young. I am very hard working and determined. My work ethic is that of a different era. My experience and ability is as unique as it is vast. I can create any style of freehand art that is requested. I am also a quick learner and very adaptable when it comes to media. Computer friendly as well. I have been blessed with this ability and I love making people happy by being able to bring to life what it is they want to convey. Just let me show you what I can do and I can guarantee you will be more than happy. Seriously, just tell me what you would like me to draw, design, or create for you as a sample and I can produce it and faster than you could ever imagine. It's my gift.
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T-Shirt Design