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Freelance Ad Designer & Banner Designer

Location:Seattle, Washington, United States
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Software Expertise:
HTML • CSS • Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • QuarkXpress • Flash • AfterEffects
Microsoft Suite including Word, Excel & Powerpoint • And more...

Wizards of the Coast – Orc Studios Current Contract
As Graphic Designer, my current job is to create magic, literally and figuratively, for multiple game systems, books, ebooks, and collateral materials such as online advertising. We at Orc Studios take the ideas of the game designers and make them into the products the customers buy. Technologies used: Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, CSS, HTML and more.

Washington State Ferries 2011 February – Present
As Graphic Designer with the Washington State Ferries, my job is designing books, catalogs, brochures, posters, videos, powerpoint shows with included Flash animations, infographics, and creating/maintaining their training website. The material tools are limited, but even with a little, I am expected to create a lot of highly delicious-looking materials for the taxpayer. It's also wonderful to have sweet/gruff Captains call unexpectedly to say thank you. Technologies used: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premier Pro, CSS, HTML and more.

The Cobalt Group 2011 January Contract
As Web Content Specialist for the GM-Goodwrench removal team at Cobalt. 6000 sites in one month; this is fast-paced web-work involving typography+image-making+Flash animations, needing careful detail, best-practices made even better, beautiful design, and more than a little common sense: online advertising at its highest level of sophistication. Technologies used: Photoshop, AfterEffects, Flash, CSS, HTML and more.

Robert Hale & Co., Inc. 2002-2010 • Weatherly Press 2002-2010
As Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Production Manager for these two sister companies—the former being the world’s largest distributor of nautical titles, the latter publishing cruising books for the Pacific Northwest, including the Waggoner Cruising Guide and the new Cruising the Secret Coast. It was a case of “all things at once”. My duties included design for all publications, Photoshop image perfection, catalog production (including catalog database management), CAD cartography and nautical map creation, advertising design and copy, website design and maintenance for our three websites, as well as a healthy dose of IT assistance as needed. Technologies used: CAD, Photoshop, InDesign, Freehand/Illustrator, CSS, HTML and more.

SeaPrint 2001-2002
Production Manager: while largely a pre-press position, at SeaPrint I gained an extensive knowledge of the pre-press side of graphic design along with the dos and definitely-don’ts of what makes for a successful publication off the computer screen. My duties included design, creating printer-ready spreads, film rips, and camera ready art for production. In addition to the full array of Design Softwares, I also mastered RIP, trapping softwares and even a little film stripping.

Susan Kovalik & Associates 1999-2002 • Books for Educators, Inc. 1999-2002
As Graphic Designer for another pair of sister companies: in this case where I fell in love with graphic design, engaging in every possible facet of design and printing possible. In addition, due to my science background, I was asked to research and write a kit aimed at teaching the basics of brain science to Middle and High school classes. In addition to design, this allowed me to become a published author. Technologies used: Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Freehand and more.

Samples of Previous Work:
Full Online Portfolio at:

Computer Graphics & Art
Conceptual & Animation artist for SportWorld (a computer game), 1998-1999

Corporate Logo Creation
Weatherly Press, Robert Hale & Co., Inc., Reeltime

Costume Design
Costume Designer, Sonia Plumb Dance Company (Connecticut, 1997-1999)

Willie Ware Community Center, Hartford CT, 1997
Friend’s Service, Quaker Retirement Homes (India)

Fine Art
Member of Artwell Gallery 1996-1999
Winner of the Fleet Bank Award for the fantasy piece, “Eurydice in Solstice”

Glass & Sculpture
American Museum of Art, Connecticut, Mask Copernican
Fleet Bank Series, six-part glass sculpture for public display

Art, City Lights, 1999
Colorist & Dot screener, Tiger Orange, 1997
Cartoonist in Residence for the Connecticut Forum, 1997-1998

Guest Artist Program, Connecticut Public Schools, 1997-1998
Joe’s Picture Show: World’s Largest Comic Strip (a children’s literacy & art project), 1997

Non-Art Experience:
Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA) Research assistant, Integrated data into usable maps, 1981-2
Northwestern University, Teaching Assistant (Physics) Taught lab sections, Proctored, Graded

Hunter College High School: National Merit Finalist, Completed: Columbia Science Honors Program 1980-82
Northwestern University, Degrees in Astronomy & English Writing (an invitational program within the English Major
curriculum) 1982-86
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