Adrian Pino

Freelance Ad Designer & Graphic Designer

Location:san antonio, Texas, United States
Phone: 210.649.6196
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Adrian Pino

8731 PORT OF CALL, SA TX 78242 | 210.649.6196 | PINOGRAPHIX@YAHOO.COM

PROFILE A problem solver and able to complete any task at hand swift and precise. Very strong foundation in graphic design and photography. Ready to obtain a career in this specific field.

SKILLS • Macintosh Systems and PC systems
- Applications: Adobe CS2-CS5 and Microsoft Office
• 35mm cameras, as well as Digital SLR Cameras
• Black/white and film processing and printing

EDUCATION International Academy of Design and Technology San Antonio, TX

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

EXPERIENCE Graphic Design Freelance 2006-Present

Successful completion of graphic design assignments requiring planning, follow-through, and results that meet client objectives and needs.

Project: Club Rive
Client Scott Numerous 11x17 flyers created, for different events such as St. Patrick’s day, Pajama Party etc.. Photoshop and Illustrator where used to create the visual compositions for the specified events.

Project: Marketing Advertisement for JTI Diamonds
Client Jonathan Tuner of JTI Diamonds Shotgun Energy, and Casabel Energy Drink created advertisements, anywhere from cards to in store P.O.S displays and displays where located at all Gabriel Liquor stores.

Project: Voices of Art Magazine by David Freeman
Client David Freeman Re-created entire layout of a 52 page spread, re-organizing photos and making sure the InDesign file was ready for pre-flight.

Project: Alamo City Bar and Grill Micro Brewery
Client Vice Pres. Pat Kline Created a 2ftx3ft Clear Channel backlit sign, advertising their menu items. Purpose was to capture passengers exiting their flights and bring them to the restaurant, gaining more revenue for Alamo Grill.

Project: CD’s Tire and Automotive
Client Carlos Re-created their business cards and thus creating them their own original logo. Sent files at 300 DPI to local printer, had 1000 printed for client.

IPC Security/ Security Officer 2004-2008

San Antonio, Tx
• Report and deter any criminal activates
• Monitored and used 92+ cameras, made sure there were no problems throughout the day
• Coordinated to other officers as a dispatcher
• Completed and filed urgent documents, of incidents, theft or injury
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Graphic Design