Freelance French Translator & Language Translator

Location:Alton, Illinois, United States
2 Skills
A highly talented Translator with huge experience in translating documents and other materials from French to English and vice versa; deep track record of reading materials and rewriting them in either English or French, following established rules pertaining to factors such as word meanings, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics; well recognized specialist in legal documentation both in French and English.

Summary of Qualifications
• More than 2 years of Translating English/French document experience.
• Superb command of idiomatic French and English language and grammar.
• General erudition and intimate familiarity with both cultures.
• Extensive knowledge of vocabulary in both languages.
• Extremely high level of fluency in French as well as command of English.
• Ability to edit and review other translations.
• Sound ability to translate legal documents.
• Remarkable interpreting skills.
• Excellent computer/word-processing skills.
• Uncommon ability to work independently to solve problems while demonstrating good organizational skills.
• Great attention to detail with excellent work ethic.
• Unmatchable willingness and skills in research activities.
• Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team environment.
Professional Experience

The young Leader school Inc, Kin, Congo(DRC) 2000 - 2004

French to English Translator vice versa

Position Summary: Responsible for the accurate creation of translated and localized French content for a variety of language projects including marketing communications materials, technical publications, and product software for a progressive consumer electronics company, birth certificate, Diploma, books etc….
• Provide language/linguistic skills to convert highly technical product descriptions from English to French with translations that are accurate and reflect the style and manner of expression of native French-speaking people.
• Translate and localize creative copy to retain the essence of the intended messaging.
• Responsible for following and implementing the company's quality assurance policies and procedures.
• Work closely with engineering and marketing leaders to understand product, sales, and distribution objectives.
• Assist, as requested in researching new product names.