Amira Menkara

Freelance Nature Photographer & Cartoonist

Location:United States
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Personal Statement:

I am an outgoing person, learn quickly and, have a wide view on the world. I have experience in sales and marketing, also in food companies and communication.

Work Experience:_________________________________________________


I babysit two young boys; seven and five. My responsibilities are;
• Make sure they are in bed by 9:30-10pm on weekends
• That they have and finish dinner
• Play time and learning to read the books(chapter) that they were suppose to know for the next day

• Cook both Hardee’s and Red Burrito
• Clean Supplies/utensils used
• Help with the cashiers and their responsibilities

Sales: Mary Kay, Fundraising, Pin sales
I sale these with my mom on the side to help her, and I just got into the business.

High School

I have achieved an award for Best Short Story in the Authors Young Art Fair. First Place in Ice Skating, Second in Freshman Science Club on an Ocean project. I have a painting that was submitted by my art teacher in middle school were I got first place and the Canton Art place bought it from me. I have a award of the best nature photography from 9th grade.
I have 237 hours of community services from my church mission camps and SNAP, and Miracle League. I helped with the mental and physical handi-capped with the batting/catching and going to bases with them, we were called “Buddies”. With SNAP, that was when we had karaoke or dancing, dinner, bowling, movie night; on Friday nights for them as well.

References available upon requests.
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