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Amber Wilton

Freelance Storyboarder & Illustrator

Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Amber Dawn Wilton

I recently graduated from a 3D collage from a nine month program and seeking full time work in the art industry. I am a hard worker and very passionate about the field I have chosen as a long term career. I am a excellent team player and wish to further my career in a fun working environment. my passion for art and story writing keeps me going and I hope to full-fill my dream with a long term Art career.

Educational BackGround
New Media Campus, Calgary, Alberta. 2008-2009
-Classical animation, Story Boarding, Perspective layout, animation history,
line of Action, Character development and design.

Max Campus, Drumheller, Alberta. 2009-2010
-3D animation, Character modeling, rigging, UV texturing, graph editors, MEL scripting.

Manga School online, Tokyo, Japan. 2009-2010
-Manga layout, basic drawing, body posing, character development, story writing, basic principles
of sketching.

-Drawing, and Sketching.
-Team player.
-Organization skills.
-Basic knowledge of oil, acrylic, and water paints.
-3D animation and rigging.
-Comic book layout.
-Photoshop, OpenCanvas, Basics of AfterEffects, Painter.
-Maya 2009-2010.
-Plotting ideas.

Awards Honored
-Poem published in a poetry book.
-Art published in New Type magazine, three times.
-First place in a art contest at school.

Art show experience
-Otafest, Calgary.
-Anime Expo, Edmonton.
-High School Art show.

Additional Projects
-Helped a employee from Games Cafe with the Calgary Expo.
-Did set up for a student filming.
-Did a drawing Tutor program freelance, online and offline.
-Commissioned online.
-Helped organize Otafest as volunteer work in the Artist Alley.
-Helped with New Media, Max Campus showings and after school events.
-Worked on a children's educational book doing the Illustration work.
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