Verny Govindasamy

Freelance Environmental Engineer & Report Writer

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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My Value Proposition
I entered the job market in 1999, and have worked for 2 companies in these 11 years – Eskom and ABSA. I have been with my current employer, ABSA for more than 4 years. Attached is my CV, which details my skills-set. However, what it does not tell you is how I use these learnt skills.

The various positions I have held, have helped me understand that it is important to obtain buy-in from colleagues and stakeholders, and that I should be part of the solution. I have the ability learn new skills in varied fields, and adapt with pace. I have the ability to determine strategy for project implementation, ascertain solutions and have honed and developed my people skills. When communicating via email, presentations and with people – I communicate to be understood. With this aim my communication material (emails, spreadsheets, presentations, reports) are simple and focused - keeping “subject matter jargon “to a minimum. I am analytical, and this skill enables me to analyze quickly and logically what it means for business, and how it affects processes. Similarly, my problem-solving skills help me to look at a problem from first-principles and be able to 'put the pieces of the puzzle together' and see where faults and obstacles exist to process efficiency. This
'top-down, bottom-up' approach is a key skill in any line of business.

I bring with me a profound understanding of and for environmental stewardship. I have worked in the environmental field at Eskom for 6 years in power stations, and at Head Office. Hence I have the onsite experience, and the broader strategic view. Naturally, I have high energy levels, and possess the drive to perform my best at whatever I am tasked with.

I have just completed a masters’ certificate course at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in "Environmental and Sustainable Development Law". I am currently reading "International Environmental Law" also within a masters’ certificate programme at Wits.