Jestina Mbofana

Freelance Book Writer & Billboard Designer

Location:Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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Jestina mbofana
I am a lady aged 27 who is currently living in Durban South Africa .i was born in Zimbabwe and I lived there until about five years ago. The political situation in the country landed me in South Africa and I am proud of what I have achieved so far.
Being the first born in a family of four has made me become a person with responsibilities and becoming an example to all my siblings which brings me to one of my strengths in leading capabilities. Having people look up to you mean you have to prove to them that you are at the top of the game i have leading and managerial skills because I have seen my self that if I am in charge I have to make sure that I have reached certain objectives and the results that come after wards are totally on the record have seen this strength during high school days when I was made a prefect, which means I was in charge of discipline and students had to answer to me and I proved that I handled it all with no hassles.
My other strength is am a self confident person, I don’t hesitate to perform any work and if I don’t have the knowledge of the work delegated to me I try my best to perform even with or without supervision .being in a foreign country has taught me a lot in that I end up working in different fields like currently I am working in a restaurant and I had no idea of what to expect but in end because I am self confident I am one of the best and I am also a fast leaner so now I can work like I went to a hospitality school but only my self confident and eagerness to learn I can do almost anything.
I thrive under pressure and I am self motivated and I believe that I can do any thing I can put my mind on no matter how hard it is. In my college years back in my country I learned to have a positive attitude and to be over confident in everything I do. I also learned to be a careful person and to look before you leap .I am a patient person and I am not aggressive and I do not expect immediate results and I should continue putting more effort continuously.
Above all I am a hard working person who is willing to jump a mile and as I have worked in a hotel I know how to deal with customers in a professional and friendly manner and to solve problems as the y come
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