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Salim Ebrahim

Freelance Ghostwriter & Script Writer

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Shakespeare was an epigrammatic writer. I am among the top 1% of the epigrammatic and polished writers.

I write in over a dozen styles (genres) and sub-styles (subgenres) e.g. novel, script, dialog, monolog, epigram, verse, power-prose, humor, essay, memoir, blog, Op-Ed, article, and business/technical writing. This means that I am also able to write in styles probably more difficult than the one required for your task. My writing samples speak for me as a versatile and skilled writer having taken DECADES to master the different writing styles (genres). I have posted some of my work samples - at least one for each style/genre.

The very first page of my Novel demonstrates the use of 10 of the many elements of creative writing to capture reader interest from the very start.

My Stage Play "The Pasture" demonstrates tight, fast paced COMPLEX dialog which is more difficult to write in an interesting manner to obtain reader interest as compared to the SIMPLER dialog I demonstrate in my novel sample (as described above). A few pages of this play is a must read. Good dialog needs no other props on the stage.

Moreover, dialog ENHANCES novels, short stories and non-fictional anecdotes. No fiction is well written fiction without dialog: I am a MASTER of THAT dialog.

My Short Prose and Poems demonstrate my tight control of language. Notice that the message in any of my poems is crystal clear yet the language is no longer prose. It lives in a world of its own word play and sentence structure. An adept poet can aesthetically lift a work of ordinary technical prose to new heights without the reader knowing why it is so readable.

The two short stories display completely different themes told in differing styles.

You should be aware that actual work samples are the best references BY FAR in creative writing by which kernels are separated from fluff i.e. design, format, color schemes, attractive photography in brochures shown as writing samples, glossy but empty book covers without any written content in-between. All these have nothing to do with the written word. Even camera work and music cannot substitute the power of words in a screenplay. Therefore, ALWAYS BUT ALWAYS REVIEW CRITICALLY WORK SAMPLES FOR THEIR WORD CONTENT – THE SINE QUA NON OF CREATIVE WRITING. Every writer worth their salt has something to show for their personal portfolios because not everything is to be hidden away as “ghostwritten”.

Again, when a writer asserts himself to be a “bestseller” how will you ever go checking to see if the assertion is true or false unless the writer himself provides the links to verify his claim?

When perusing my portfolio you may get involved with the content within my writing. If so, then go with the flow and enjoy the read but do not confuse STYLE and ABILITY with CONTENT because "one man's meat (content) is another's poison"!

Also, you should not say, “But I do not see a work sample similar to what I want written!” You should not look for a perfect match to your requirement in a writer’s portfolio but instead you should try to mix-n-match i.e. peruse a writer’s work samples to understand the writer’s competency in being able to do the job you have in mind. Give due consideration to the POLISHED QUALITY of the work samples you are reading.

Finally, every single piece of writing needs time to mature after the initial writing is done. A second AND even a third look shows up places where it can be improved further with even tighter language. This is true for all good writers as it was true for the greats, Tolstoy and Joyce. After the creative flush has subsided the editorial mind must take over for severe self criticism that makes for a Master.

I shall be available to you to review my work even AFTER the contract has been fulfilled to your satisfaction.

Most of all, I am always open to discussion and negotiation.
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