Jushima Mardushaj

Freelance Artist & Salesperson

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
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I have successfully completed my BA (Hons) in Fine Art Combined Media at the Croydon Higher Education College.I have held five exhibitions so far. In July 2009, I had the golden opportunity of organizing an exhibition of twenty nine of my paintings in Albania and a percentage of what I sold went to the orphanage centre. This event was extensively covered by the national press and audiovisual media. To my great surprise, the television interviewed me for four hours and news and cultural programmes ran for practically the whole week. My paintings were mainly on the influence of music on the mind. It took me a whole week to produce twenty nine finished art works ready to be exhibited. The nature and style of my paintings are not restricted to landscape or portraits but embrace also abstract contemporary Art and installations. An article in ‘Gazeta Shqip’ newspaper wrote that ‘I am the bridge between two countries”. (Also in Google under the name of Joe Dusha) .I have achieved a broad portfolio of work showing a wide spread of technical and conceptual interests.
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