Kyla Ryan

Freelance Artist & Painter

Location:San Antonio, Texas, United States
2 Skills
Shakespeare said all the world is a stage, but I contend that all the world is a canvas. Our lives are a tiny space, a single thread on this canvas of life. It is our duty to fill this thread with color and meaning. I fill my thread with art of various mediums. Murals, acrylic and watercolor paintings, drawings and calligraphy all take their place. Art is more than functionless decoration or static beauty, it is communication. It allows both the euphoric spirit and the tortured soul a place of expression beyond the confines of word. Works with ambiguity and hidden meanings are especially intriguing to me and I enjoy creating works that express not only life's beauty but its struggles and pain. I also find pleasure in creating little pockets of beauty all around me by imbuing mundane and ordinary objects with grace and charm. A special passion of mine is calligraphy. There is something so sublimely enjoyable and timeless about taking words, a quote, a passage of scripture, or one of Shakespeare's legendary sonnets and transforming it into art that is both visual and literary at the same time. I must admit that creative writing also takes its place among my various chosen expressions. Words, much like paint, lie dormant waiting for just the right touch to imbue life into their inert forms. With the correct composition even the dullest string of words can leap across a page and begin their dance inside the reader's mind. My greatest desire is that when I lay down my brush or pen for the last time I will take a step back and see that I have filled my thread with as much color and beauty as it can possibly hold and that I have passionately lived my life creating beauty all around me.
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