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Location:Henryetta, Oklahoma, United States
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Kristy L. Bullard

To obtain full-time employment. I am flexible & willing to go to school if need more education and training.

Summary of Qualifications:
Nearly three and half years’ of experience for Henley Motors as office manger. Included obtaining my Notary license, Used motors vehicle Sales license. I was responsible for ordering all parts, Tires, Shop supplies. Work orders, Work scheduling, Employee scheduling, Pay roll for all employees, All money transactions, Bank deposits, Car sales, Title transfer. Detail cleaning on cars, Shop, Office. Paying all company bills, All book keeping. Answering all phone calls, changed oil and fixed flat repairs & replaced tires new or used on vehicles, Opening and Closing of the shop daily. Assisting all customers.
A year experience as a Reserve Officer for law enforcement. Included writing tickets, severing warrants, Making Arrests, keep the peace with in the community. Keep the Public safe.
Nearly eight years’ experience with wall-mart as lead manager for maintenance, making work schedule, time sheets, ordering supply for maintenance cleaning.

Work History:
Office Manager
Henley Motors 705 E Trudgeon Henryetta, Ok 74437.
October 2008 - September 2011. Kept track of employee time sheets, assigned daily duties of employees; & requisitioned materials for the Job. kept track of all car sales, inventory on parts & tires in coming & out going. Calculated pay roll for employees, changed oil and tires & repaired as needed.

Dewar Police Department
P.O. Box 7 Dewar, Ok 74431
2010 - 2011. Attended the required classes by State cleet certified.
I am certified in, self defiance, ticket writing, operational consideration, speed enforcement, operating radar, legal consideration, operational, scientific principles, report writing, taking witness statements, operating a patrol car in any and all weather condition, storm spotter training, adult & chid welfare well being, certified on public safety on public road ways, proper hand cuffing and restraining, drug prevention,schooling bulling, public commutation. Adult and Infant CPR & First Aid.

Okmuglee Wal-Mart
2000 - 2008. Job included, cashier, tire tech, oil tech, maintenance coordinated time sheets & scheduling, kept up to date inventory on oil filter, oil, cleaning supplies.
Dewar High School
Dewar, Oklahoma
OSU Okmuglee college
(basic classes)
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