J. Renee C-S

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Location:Brentwood, Maryland, United States
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With a passion for writing, I have been putting ink to pages in various capacities for over ten years. I began writing poetry at twelve years old. I have taken poetry classes and have invested in my craft for nearly thirteen years. My love for poetry led me to write songs and music. I have the most experience in writing songs for religious groups, churches, and praise teams. I began writing songs at fifteen and in college I wrote and co-authored many pieces for a group that I was singing with. As time went on, and my love for writing intensified, I entertained ideas for writing books and began blogging. I have been blogging for nearly three years, and currently work on blogs for startsomegood.com. I am also in the process of writing two books, one fiction and one non-fiction. Three years ago, I walked into the classroom in the inner city. I participated in some curriculum and test writing for my school as well as educational organizations. I began thinking about how I could write children's books and find someone to illustrate them, now that I had experienced education in urban areas. Just a year ago, I was honored to write a speech for the opening ceremony for Teach for America's summer institute in Philadelphia and I have been learning the art of grant writing within the last few months. I have decided to pursue more writing opportunities because it is the one thing that keeps me motivated and strikes a cord inside of me.
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