William Blackman

Freelance Creative Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
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I'm a poetry/creative writer for about 29 years now.
I have just been published by PublishAmerica "Rhythm of Verse'
is my book(67 poems) the link is http://www.publishamrica.net/product44970.html
I have honed my creative abilities over the years and that allows me to be very
versatile in my writing. I can write about anything in a creative way. If you want
a sample of what I do then just ask. If you need a poem or creative piece and
a simple card isn't enough,then message me with an outline of what you want.
I can also poetic projects and varied creative projects with the use of words.
I'm a strong and visual writer and not afraid to push beyond regular perimeters.
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Creative Writing
Poem Writing