Kevette Chapman

Freelance Logo Designer & Graphic Designer

Location:Detroit, Michigan, United States
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AREAS OF EXPERTISE _____________________________________________

Conceptualization of complex information to produce graphics and copy • Development of strategy to determine the types of media that appeal to a specific audience • Communication of benefits of client products/services • Vendor/Client relations

SKILLS & ABILITIES ________________________________________

Proficient in CS4 & 5: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat; QuarkXpress; PageMaker; Microsoft Word; Microsoft PowerPoint; Microsoft Outlook; in both Macintosh and PC Based Platforms.

Excellent at balancing multiple projects at once, under pressure, in time-critical situations within constraints imposed by cost and labor considerations. Highly organized and detail oriented.

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY _____________________________________________

Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Provide graphic design and production services to print/sign shops, companies and community organizations, including: logo/branding • ads • newsletters • direct mailers • fliers • bus wraps • promo items • web/electronic graphics • PowerPoint presentations • training materials • signs • displays • billboards • large books and manuals.

Create accurate exhibits from case information for use in courtroom presentations to juries. Enhance schematic drawings and photographs, and create illustrations taken from accident/crime scenes, take testimony from depositions to create clear, concise graphics for legal exhibits.

Work with clients’ budget to create advertising and printing goals. Attentive to customer service building rapport and trust through prompt, professional and courteous communication.

GRAPHIC SPECIALIST / MEDIA TEAM—Temporary – U.S. Department of Commerce,
U.S. Census Bureau, Detroit, Michigan (5-27-2008 to 9-25-2010)

Produced all graphic materials for promotion of the 2010 Census in the Detroit Region (Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia). Including: ads • newsletters • direct mailers • fliers • bus wraps • promo items • web/electronic graphics • PowerPoint presentations • training materials • signs • displays • billboards

Worked with headquarters, regional management and media team to develop strategy and determine the types of media that would appeal to a specific audience including, businesses, congregations, community organizations and the general public.

Coordinated with vendors regarding commercial printing methodologies to produce quality printed pieces. Composed bid requests and recommended awards to adhering to quality and budget considerations.

Designed and produced all in-house printed materials on small and large format plotters and oversaw mailing.

Created graphics for and represented the 2010 Census at media/community presentations and conferences. Captured and edited photos for presentations and to document key events.

Generated products that included accurate graphs and charts, diagrams, maps and slides. Posted information/graphics and responded to the public on social media accounts. Maintained and distributed e-mail blasts to a subscriber list of over 60,000.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS ________________________________________

Designed, developed and produced graphic materials on-demand for 37 local census offices, 40+ partnership specialists and regional headquarters to address specific needs of multi-cultural populations.

Recognized regionally and nationally for producing compelling graphic materials.

Worked with Media Team to help the Detroit Region achieve the second highest mail response rate in the Nation for the 2010 Census.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ________________________________________

Cross-Cultural Communication and Diversity Training • Media and Crises Skills Training / Communication Skills Training

Census Data Training • ACT WorkKeys Silver Certification

“On-The-Job” Training – Michigan Works! Employer may be eligible for reimbursement of a portion of hired applicant wages if training is required

EDUCATION ________________________________________

COLLEGE FOR CREATIVE STUDIES, Detroit, Michigan – Advertising design, graphic communication and fine art

UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT / MARYGROVE, Detroit, Michigan – Liberal and fine arts

CONTINUING EDUCATION WORKSHOPS: Adobe Creative Suite—Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash
QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, Web Design

MACOMB COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Macomb, Michigan – Studies in desktop publishing

HONORS & ACTIVITIES ________________________________________

Received 7 Special Act Awards from the U.S. Census Bureau

Recognized by the Grosse Pointe School System and the Gaelic League of Detroit for professional and volunteer services to the community
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Logo Design
Graphic Design