Max Mitchell

Freelance Ad Designer & Book Designer

Location:Hamilton, Alabama, United States
Phone: 256-634-3674
Website: Portfolio, print photo , material @ facebook:
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I have designed many more items than this site will allow me to take credit for. I am a fine artist and Illustrator (both digital and traditional). I have design both hand made books (special occasion) and professional layouts for newspaper and magazine.
In fact I was awarded 2nd in a national competition. I also do my own photography (when required) and have samples that you can refer to.
I worked in the entertainment business for some years and organized all advertising, designed print, coordinated radio and TV spots and many other details.
I am also a painter
I've worn may hats and adapt well to different projects. I am an excellent brainstormer with equal follow through. I am the one how will forfeit holidays, work overtime, and do so without a second thought. I am determined, have a great eye for detail, and high energy.
I am also an excellent listener. I want to know what is expected of me and will reach a clarity of a project which saves a lot of time.
I was always the anchor woman on our "track" team in the relay races—if you get what I mean. I am able to think outside the box and also remain within the needs of the client AND the budget.
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Ad Design
Book Design