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Allison Vossler

Freelance Drawer & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:Orange, California, United States
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Allison Cline Vossler

Contact Information:
Phone: (970) 390 - 4664
Address: Personal/Summer: 121 Chaparral Rd or PO Box 4604, Edwards, CO 81632
Campus: 123 33rd Street, Newport Beach, CA 92663

High School: Vail Christian High School. Edwards, Colorado. High School Diploma

College: Laguna College of Art & Design. Laguna Beach, California.

To obtain a job in order to pay for college, gas money, life in general and to also meet new people and gain new experiences/skills.

Community Service Experience:
1.Frontier Ranch Clean Up (20 hours)
2. Denver Inner City Missions (20 hours)
3. Salvation Army in Colorado (20 hours)
4. Costa Rica Mission Trip (30 hours)

2005-2006: 1.Varsity Girls Basketball
2. Track for VCHS
2006-2007: 3. JV Girls Basketball
4. JV Girls Soccer
2007-2008: 5. Varsity Girls Soccer
2008-2009: 6. Varsity Girls Soccer
2008-2009: 7. Alpine Ski Team (went to States)

Awards & Honors
2005-2006: 1.Lettered in Varsity Basketball
2. Lettered & went to state (got a medal for 8th place) in Track
2006-2007: 3. Lettered in Music
2007-2008: 4. Lettered in Varsity Soccer, Team Captain, Starting Player
2008-2009: 5. Went to States for Alpine Skiing

2006-2007 1. Music (was in: the talent show, vocal ensemble, Christmas quire, & spring play)
2010-2011 2. Part of team for a video game entering an independent game contest.

Other Activities
Played in an adult indoor soccer league for a team called the Bears.
One of the founders of the VCHS soccer team
Was manager of Los Motos (a team in a men’s soccer league here in the valley)
Part of a Video Game Team as a Designer for school Project, “Uncharted”


Experience Summary:
Childcare: over 8 years
Serving (F&B): almost a year
Barista-ing: about half a year

-Babysitting (for my own family, and three others as well, often at the same time)
Salary: $11 per hour +$1 per extra child

-Children Room Attendant, Snack Bar Server, & Buffet Server at Cordillera Valley Club
Salary: $12 per hour, total earned: $2,220
Job Descriptions: took care of kids babysitting/ order them food, got orders of food and ran up to get them, and serve food/drinks in general

-Server, Busser, and Barista at The French Press
Salary: $7 per hour plus tips
Job Description: handled duties of a waitress, cleaned/cleared/set tables, opened/closed shop, grinded/brewed coffee, made various coffee drinks, made alcoholic drinks, served multiple tables at a time, and much more.

-Barista at Starbucks
Salary: minimum wage per hour plus tip
there was no manager at my time there, however if needed, here is my shift lead:
Nathan Bingham (949) 642-6931

Cooking, Anime, taking care of children, sports, video games (especially Xbox360), meeting new people, being outside, MLP, making others happy, learning new things, living life to the fullest, just about anything really.

Special Skills
Pretty skilled in fixing computer problems, knowledgable in programs such as Adobe Photoshop and 3ds Max, good with both Macs and PCs, can take care of many children at ease, (mostly) understand Spanish, great organization skills, learning how to do tasks efficiently and quickly, can look at any machinery and probably figure out how to use it without instructions, great people skills (children too), always polite and outgoing, and most of all, be more than satisfactory in anything that I can do for you!

References & Employer(s)

Cathy Dalbow (family friend): (970) 390 - 4400
Leanne Perry (neighbor, past employer for babysitting): (970) 926 - 0213
Chris Gamble (past teacher and coach at VCHS): (970) 618 - 4839
Patrick Beaudine (past teacher and coach at VCHS) (970) 331-6930
Anthony Waters (past teacher at LCAD)

9 Iron Grill - Valley Clubhouse
Clubhouse Manager:  David Randall
101 Legends Drive
P.O. Box 988
Edwards, CO  81632
Phone:  (970) 926-5910

The French Press
Owner/Manager: Zak Stone
34295 Highway 6, Edwards, CO 81632

If you are interested, please email me and I will send you a link to my Portfolio!
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3D Graphic Design