Marshall Bolin

Freelance Song Writer & Music Producer

Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
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I love art! People hire me when they want something with authenticity, originality and soul. I specialize in all things related to the creation and presentation of music.

•Songwriting: I've written 100s of songs fun, bands, films and the deceased. I've produced and performed the music for a circus show in Finland, scored several short films and two feature documentaries and been an active member of the Immersion Composition Society for ten years. I'm comfortable and experienced in writing in many styles, including pop, rock, hiphop, avant-garde, jazz, classical, metal, electronic, country, folk and spoken word.

•Engineering, Production and Mixing: I've worked at two professional recording studios and worked on projects in a zillion home studios. I've recorded, produced an mixed an art-rock album by my band, Run At the Dog; assembled a DJ-style record constructed out of samples from my own music collection, produced a prog-jazz album by Brooke Murphy and produced my own rap album. I do regular audio editing work for WCCO radio.

•Live Performance: I've created and performed music for the James Sewel Ballet as a drummer/vocal percussionist. I've sung, danced and acted in several theatrical productions. I've played bass in a professional Abba Tribute band and currently for Indie rocker, Jeff Litman. I've played guitar, bass, keys, drums and sung in my original projects my whole life and toured with some of them. I am proficient at singing in tons of styles, including, classic rock tenor, choral (bass), rap, and all manner of really out-there styles for which there is no name.

•Art Design and layout: To me the artwork that goes along with an album is just as important as all the other elements, and I bring just as much soul to that as the rest of the production.

•Voice Acting and Narration: I've performed standup comedy, improv comedy and done theatrical voiceovers for WCCO radio.

I love to try new things, and if you're looking for someone with 100% soul and doesn't know the meaning of "by-the-books", hit me up!
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Song Writing
Music Production