Patricia Goguen

Freelance Ad Designer & Illustrator

Location:Riverside County, California, United States
Phone: 9512205928
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My objective is to find a career that I can stay in for the rest of my life. I want my career to be within the Graphic Arts considering I have many talents in that area. I am also a great writer from what I am told and currently freelance write for extra money. I would like to also be a freelance Graphic Artist and become big of course.

Wiked Designs Apparel and Skate
Corona, Ca
Skate Apparel and Skateboard Design
May 2009-Current

I found a website one day that helped me get my designs out to the world. I have been a stay at home mom trying to start a business in skateboard and shirt designs. It is not succeeding.
My proudest accomplishment trying this was actually going for it and giving it a shot. You can't gain if you don't try right? I create all of my own original designs as well as recreating other images with them once scanned to my computer. While doing this, I excelled in my computer graphic skills.


Proficient in MS Word, Excel, and some Powerpoint knowledge. I am also almost completely proficient in GIMP Graphic Suite (free graphic design software for those who cannot afford the good ones). My best skills are within the arts. I am what I consider to be an expert illustrator. I am also a computer graphic designer. I can create so many things with a simple drawing as well as more advanced things like designing a web site. I am currently learning 3d animation with the iClone program as well as Google Sketch 8. I am just as creative as designing homes and landscape as I am drawing a picture. Again, I don't have a degree but I know my work speaks for itself.

I do not have a degree in anything but I do strongly believe my work speaks for itself and in many ways. I also think that even though a person does not have a degree, if they know what they are doing and it is done correctly, then they deserve the same position the graduate is qualified for.
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