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Jeff Long

Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:Newport, Rhode Island, United States
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Wanna see something cool?
Delicious visual frosting for today's savvy audience.
Creating totally original material or building on an existing standard,
Mr. Black nimbly bridges the gap to help your project stand above the rest.

What do you get with Mr. Black?
16 years in the field of animation and special effects, topping nearly 12 years in broadcast.
Need proof? Well here it is...
The advancement of computer technology has put high end animation within reach of the small studio. The days of big animation studios (and big animation budgets) are on the decline. Small shops of dedicated artists have taken on large scale projects with great success.
Mr. Black Animation is one of them.

Combining the dissimilar elements of unrestricted artistic thought with computer logic has always been a challenge,
and it's one that Mr. Black excels.

A client list that spans from small local companies to the likes of ABC, Pfizer, and ESPN speaks of how adaptable we really are.
Industrials, logos, and even full cinematic FX are part and parcel of our work day.

We're like a creative guided missile. Just push the big red "FIRE" button!
... and an in house render farm that eats big animations for breakfast doesn't hurt...
So enjoy the reel! Cruise on over the "More Samples" section to find something that matches your project, and we'll chat about what Mr. Black can do for you!
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3D Animation