Angela Roos

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Location:Oil City, Pennsylvania, United States
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I am very interested in freelance opportunities. I am a full time online student at
Penn State and know I would be a great fit for this position. I type 60+ wpm with 100% accuracy. I spent over 6 years working in the medical
field as well as past banking experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Angela Roos

Angela Roos
207 Second St
Rouseville, PA 16344

Past Education:

Bella Vista High School Graduated with my HS Diploma
Fair Oaks, CA

ROP Legal Secretary Successfully Completed Course
Sacramento, CA

Prime Career College Received my CNA certification
Sacramento, CA

Pennsylvania State University Currently attending pursuing BS

Job Experience:

Bon Ton
Cranberry, PA
Supervisor: Kathy Jack (814) 677-0400
Job Title: Audit/cash office
Currently employed

Laurel Eye Clinic
Seneca, PA
Supervisor: Ron Carlson (800) 672-7117
Job Title: Ophthalmic Technician
Job Duties: Direct patient care, OCT, VT testing. Visual Acuity testing, and other vision screening. Working patient up before the see the Doctor. Various
office duties, and calling in of Rx.
Reason for leaving: Still currently employed, but leaving to finish my degree.
Dates of employment: 08/2010-to present

Southwoods Assisted Living
Titusville, PA
Supervisor: Lori Graham, or Karen RN (814) 827-8727
Job Title: RA/CNA
Job Duties: All CNA duties-assisting all residents with their daily living needs. I also passed medication for all the residents in the facility and administered needed treatments.
Reasons for leaving: Scheduling conflict
Dates of employment: 11/2009-05/2010

Heartland Care Nursing Home
Devils Lake, ND
Supervisor: Bobbi Nordin DON (701) 662-1807
Job Title: CNA
Job Duties: All CNA duties-assisting all residents with their daily living needs.
Reason for leaving: Husband had just separated from the military after 10 years and we moved to PA-purchased our first home.
Dates of Employment: 08/2009-11/2009

Shriner's Hospital for Children
Sacramento, CA
Supervisor: Kathy Rosario (916) 453-2000
Job Title: Burn Tech/CNA/Unit Coordinator
Job Duties: Varied depending on which position I was working. I was originally hired as a Burn Tech-where I assisted with all the wound care/dressing changes for the burned patients. Since I was also a CNA I helped cover shifts as a CNA as well. I was then trained and covered shifts as Unit Coordinator when needed.
Reason for leaving: Husband was military and was stationed to ND-I moved.
Dates of Employment: 06/2006-10/2007

Maryann Hutchinson
Linconln, CA
Supervisor: Maryann Hutchinson (916) 645-6209
Job Title: CNA Home Health Aide
Job Duties: Caring for and elderly gentleman in his families home. He was in his final stages of Alzheimer's. I performed all aspects of daily living for him, as well as medication and treatments.
Reason for leaving: Husband was military and was stationed to ND-I moved.
Dates of Employment: 09/2005-10/2007

IThunder Valley Casino
Lincoln, CA
Supervisor: Jerry Gervais (916) 408-7777
Job Title: Cage (Cash Office)
Job Duties: I started working with a register of $20,000 and ended up
working in the high limit office managing a room with $500,000.
Reason for leaving: Went back to school
Dates of employment: 3/01/2004-08/01/2005

Additional Experience: I type over 60wpm with 100% accuracy. Proficient at 10key.
Over ten years ago I worked at Wells Fargo National Business Banking Center located
in Sacramento CA as a Small Business Banking Specialist.
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Admin Support
Data Entry