Michael G

Freelance Photographer, Fashion Photographer, & More

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
Phone: 310-426-8565
Website: http://www.stylegio.com
8 Skills
I have over 20 years of photographic experience and 9 years of graphic design experience. I have worked with clients on a long term basis because I see their vision and fill their needs. I also make suggestions for the betterment of their products because I believe in them and always want to help. One of my strong traits is I am a visionary. If you have a product or a service I will come up with a solution for your needs. Most of all I can come up with the concept to a finished product and deliver it. I know everything from Print to Web and I am immensely resourceful.

I am a creature of old habit therefore I have clients who have been with me for at least 10 years or more. I will take care of my clients to the best of my ability.