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Mark Tierno

Freelance Ghostwriter & Book Writer

Location:Monrovia, California, United States
Phone: (626) 821-5496
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I have ghostwritten both fiction and nonfiction for my clients on a variety of subjects.

Nonfiction subjects I have written for include: physics, self-improvement, insurance, business and investment, asset protection, health and fitness, CEOs and leadership, bit-coin, crowd-funding, relationships, health, medical (on some pretty out of the ordinary varieties), health care system, special needs cook book, "manifesting" as connected to quantum mechanics, life planning, true-life stories, Qigong, and more. In fact, I've covered some pretty strange stuff, but that only makes it all the more interesting. Anyone who needs a person that can form their expertise into something that the average person could relate with and understand. I can do it all. (Note: the one thing I do not do is people’s homework. Sorry, but you’ll just have to research that doctor’s or master’s thesis yourself and earn that degree the way I did.).

Fiction ranges any combination of fantasy and science-fiction, including cyberpunk and YA.

I also have a Master's degree in Physics.

My own books include a 13-book Fantasy/SF series that clocks in at around 5.2 million words and 250 characters in total, not to mention a cyberpunk/horror/fantasy series, and another in the futuristic detective noir genre. I’ve even done one with a writing partner that involves what I’ve termed “bee-punk”. In total, I have written some 35+ mixed-genre fantasy/SF books (over 8 million words worth of work).

I know how to make the reader laugh, cry, and cheer as the story unfolds, make him feel the cold of the glacier the characters might be crossing, or the horror as the big bad guy's long-laid plans finally unfold. I have handled stories with dozens of characters and several plot threads, and pressed the bounds of imagination.

I can handle your story.

For more info and a whole mess of recommendations of me by others, you can view my LinkedIn Profile (

You can also check out my website (

A note on my rates: I've listed an hourly rate because that's what the site asks for, but usually I charge by the page or estimated wordcount of the project. I talk with the client, we come to a fair estimate of the work, then I set the price in stone; if the project comes out longer or shorter, the pay doesn't change, and I tend to go for half paid up front and the rest upon completion (though other arrangemebnts are possible, but I still need some upfront money).

-Mark Anthony Tierno

Writing Services:
2011-Present: Professional writing services provided on a contract basis for various agencies, including:
I Wrote The Book On It, LLC, Bexsi Publishing; Contact: Doug Crowe (
Ghost Writers Inc. (GWI)
GoProSocial, head ghostwriter
2010-Present: Ghostwriting for various fiction and nonfiction clients. Nonfiction subjects range physics, self-improvement, health and medical subjects, insurance, specialty cookbooks, investment, true-life stories, and Qigong. Fiction ranges any combination of fantasy and science fiction.
2010-2011: Professional writing services provided on a contract basis for published author Peter Baksa. Contact:

Personal Writing History:
2013-2018: Co-author of the Land of the Hive series
2011-Present: One of the founding members of the GT5 Steam League writing team and co-author of the “Londinium Explorer’s Club” anthology
2009-2010: Maldene Origins, 2 books, Maldene prequel series.
2004-2006: Cyberdawn, pentad, Sci-Fi genre.
1995-2003: Maldene, 13-book series, epic fantasy with a Sci-Fi crossover.
• Book 1 published in two volumes, other books pending.
1990-2006: The Inspector Flaatphut series of short stories, novellas, and short novels.

1990 MS Physics, Cal State LA
1988 Certificate laser EO/electronics, PCC, Pasadena, CA
1988 BS Mathematics, Cal State LA
1984 BS Physics, Cal Poly Pomona
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