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Mark Tierno

Freelance Creative Writer & Writer

Location:Monrovia, California, United States
Phone: (626) 821-5496
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I have ghost written both fiction and nonfiction, including on such topics that involve physics, self-improvement, medical subjects, insurance, and Qigong. For my own books, I have writtewn over 40 books worth of fantasy/SF, including a 13-book series that clocks in at around 5.2 million words and 250 characters in total. Combined with my other novels (including one cyberpunk/horror/fantasy series and another ion the futuristic detective noir genre), I've written over 8 million words worth of stories for myself, and still increasing as I work on yet another project, this time with a partner.

Besides being skilled at intricately woven plots, my dialogue, descriptive prose, and engaging plots have been rated rather high.

For more info and a whole mess of recommendations of me by others, you can view my LinkedIn Profile (

You can also check out my website (, or for some newer stuff see if a web search for "Land Of The Hive" or "GT5 Steam League" pops up anything yet.

A note on my rates: I've listed an hourly rate because that's what the site asks for, but usually I charge by the page or estimated wordcount of the project. I talk with the client, we come to a fair estimate of the work, then I set the price in stone; if the project comes out longer or shorter, the pay doesn't change, and I tend to go for half paid up front and the rest upon completion (though other arrangemebnts are possible, but I still need some upfront money).

Mark Anthony Tierno

1990 MS Physics, Cal State LA
1988 Certificate laser EO/electronics, PCC, Pasadena, CA
1988 BS Mathematics, Cal State LA
1984 BS Physics, Cal Poly Pomona

Writing History:
2013-2015: Land of the Hive (with TJ Sally partner)
2009-2010: Maldene Origins, 2 books, Maldene prequel series.
2004-2006: Cyberdawn, pentad, Sci-Fi genre.
1995-2003: Maldene, 13-book series, epic fantasy with a Sci-Fi crossover.
• Book 1 published in two volumes (soon to be re-released under new publisher)
1990-1995: Assorted novellas, short novels, short stories, etc. in the Sci-Fi genre.
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Creative Writing