Lisa Ackerly

Freelance Proofreader & Article Writer

Location:Danbury, Connecticut, United States
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Lisa Marie Ackerly


Bachelor of Arts Degree: English Major (2008)
Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT

University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT (2001-2003)
*Concentration: English Literature

Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, The Newtowner: An Arts and Literary Magazine, Newtown, CT (Mar.’11-present)

*Future Feature Story Writer
*Responsible for Arts on-line Calendar & Document for magazine layout
*Compose & edit Google spreadsheets-documents: ad logs, features, etc.
*Correspond with businesses via phone, e-mail, & in-person regarding ads, stories, etc.
*Responsible for meeting minutes
*Correspond with editors, and aid in interview questions and suggestions

Freelance Writer-Editor, self-employed (Dec. ‘10-present)

*Journalist/Writer for AOL/The Wilton PATCH: features, business profiles, etc.
*Write/Edit articles for
*Compose stories/articles for Yahoo! Contributor/Associated Content
*Journalist/Writer for the Greater Danbury on-line magazine, “The Mercurial”
*Writer/Editor of the on-line magazine/blog, "AlternativeControlCT"

H.L.C. Tutor, Huntington Learning Center, New Milford, CT (Aug. ’09-Nov.’10)

*Tutored K-12 students with learning difficulties/disabilities
*Programmed and implemented structured lesson plans for individual students
*Created individualized manipulatives for students
*Worked with a 3:1 ratio of students to teacher and on a 1:1 teacher-student basis
*Followed program protocol and assisted students with specific aspects of learning
*Tutored mathematics, reading, and writing

Organizational Assist., AccessAbility (Disability Services, WestConn), Danbury,CT

*Created a position to help approx. 25 students with AD/HD (some comorbid) become organized
*Implemented individualized agenda with copies of specific worksheets prepared
*Created organizational worksheets including: how-to write a research paper, keeping track of & calculating grades, relaxation/stress management, time management, tips for research, study grids, & other study methods
*Helped to decrease number of students on academic probation
*Tutored some students in the subject of English
*Developed individualized and intensified weekly schedules

Teacher Assistant, Children’s Choice, Inc., Danbury, CT (May ‘07-August ‘07)

*Implemented lesson plans that included cognitive, affective, and psychomotor areas of learning for children ages 3-months to five-years of age

Tutoring, Danbury, CT, self-employed (April ‘07-June ‘07)

*Developed and provided organized plan for student writing
*Helped edit student copy of 6-8 page research paper, in which student received a B+ on final draft


Skills/ Interests/ Projects:

*Understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel, Windows Vista & XP, Google Docs.,& Social Media
*Began writing group in ’02, and continue to have meetings with permanent members
*Write poetry, prose, haikus, plays, short stories, and one impending novel
*Composing a chapbook of poetry
*Organized workshop for the Wednesday Night Poetry Series, called “Syllable Counting: Everyone Has Rhythm” (2010)
*Excellent intermediate Math skills; successfully completed Pre-Calculus in high school & college


*Awarded 1st place in “The News-Times” essay contest (‘97)
*Published in WCSU’s "Beyond the Margins" for poetry (Spring ’08)
*Host & future co-booker/organizer of the Wednesday Night Poetry Series of CT (’10-present)
*Western Connecticut State University Dean’s list (‘00, ’01)
*Graduated from Danbury High School in 3 ½ years with full credit (‘99)
*Graduated from Danbury High School with a GPA in the top 3rd percentile


*Related coursework:
Linguistics and Semantics, Gender and Ethnic-related courses, Critical Theories/Methods, Romantic and Victorian Lit., Early Modern (Renaissance) Lit., Chaucer, Shakespeare, 20th century Lit., American Lit. 1820-1920, Beat Writers and the 1960s, Hamlet: Senior Seminar, Poetry, Drama, and Road Scholar

*Psychology courses:
Intro., Abnormal, Child, Adolescent, Personality, & Dangers of Being Female

*Education courses:
Intro. to Ed., Educational Adolescent Psychology, Intro. to Special Ed., Integrating language, Teaching Writing & Literature for Adolescents, Teaching Secondary Ed.

(Portfolio available upon request)
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