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Roman Rojano

Freelance Comic Artist, Illustrator, & More

Location:Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico
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I am a graphic designer and illustrator with more than 8 years experience in the field. I am an 80's child, and my vision and style is very influenced from Sci-Fi movies and music of that decade/era.

I have been a comic book fanatic all my life and that is the reason why I like to make my own fan based comics. My style is based on the artwork from various illustrators particularly Lee Sullivan, who besides being an awe inspiring artist, he is also an amazing human being in person.

Another passion that fills me with inspiration, is videogames. They have been a very important part of me since I was a child and I hope someday I have the opportunity to make a contribute to this industry that has given me hundreds, possibly thousands of hours of entertainment and joy over the years.

I like to work with a lot of different kind of techniques like grafite pencilling, colour pencilling, use of oil paint, water colours, etc... Lately I have focused a lot more of my time in digital touch ups and use of unique tools for my artwork.

In more technical fields of graphic design, I have worked for some local companies designing logos, websites, animations and videos using software like Corel Draw, Adobe Flash, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere and many others...

You can check out more of my artwork by visiting this website: