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Charity RB Howard

Freelance Editor & Copywriter

Location:Clinton, Indiana, United States
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I am an Indiana State University graduate with Bachelor’s of Science degrees in journalism and English with a teaching emphasis. I also completed four semesters at Vincennes University pursing a journalism degree and continued my education at Ball State University, where I was a journalism major/creative writing minor with a teaching emphasis.
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FREELANCE JOURNALIST --- (Project to project since 2006)
* Copyeditor and writer, ParentUSACity Magazine
* Wellness Ambassador, promotional work, Pierce Promotions and Molli Funk
* Press Release Writer, Vevurka Technology -- Tricia Vevurka,
* Writer, Writer's Research Group, writing how-to articles and inputting internet keywords
* Book Reviewer, Front Street Reviews, reading books and writing reviews for website publication --Barb Radmore,editor

* Freelance Writing Assistant,, helped edit, proofread and develop a book (not yet published), edited/reworked columns and helped restructure and updated the website. This job also dealt with writing articles according to Internet search keywords and phrases. --April
Masini, National columnist and author
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* I was the Lifestyles Editor, for five years at the Washington Times-Herald. My responsibilities included: proofreading, copy reading, typesetting, formatting, developing stories, researching topics, writing headlines,copy editing, editing, reporting, interviewing potential employees, supervising high school interns and an assistant typist, some feature/stand alone picture taking, page layout design, writing feature/human interest stories, in charge of special sections such as the senior scene and bridal edition, keeping track of photographs submitted, handling telephone inquires, website updating, assisting whenever needed and extensive work on Macintosh computers, including QuarkXpress and Newsedit Pro programs. I was in charge of the Lifestyles section as well as school, area, travel and church news pages. -- Melody Maust Brunson, Editor --
* Writer, copyreader, typist, and proofreader at thePetersburg Press-Dispatch for a year (also did some brochure work)
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