Kyle Robert Willis

Freelance Artist & Book Illustrator

Location:Hollywood, Florida, United States
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I am a self-taught portrait artist in Florida. I have been sketching as long as I can remember, I would doodle Spider-Man in class instead of doing schoolwork. I have recently gravitated towards using ball point pen as my weapon of choice.

I love the freedom of working from home, it allows me the opportunity to spend more time with my friends and loved ones and listen to my music as loud as I please. I like using off-white paper as it gives an undescribable air to the piece. If I say that a piece turned out really well, it usually means I don't absolutely hate it. I am not exactly overly critical, but I am a realist and know that without hard work I will go nowhere so I am always striving to be a better artist and toying around with other mediums such as digital art and most recently paint.

People often ask me if I use color. The truth is, I feel that I can breathe more life into each piece with black and white, but I do look forward to toying with more color in the near future. I also get "Do you do tattoos?!" The answer to that is a universal "No". Although I am open-minded, I do not wish to add skin to my list of canvases. There are many reasons, I am sometimes asked if I am scared to mess up, to which I reply "Um... I draw portraits in ball point pen..."
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Book Illustration