Laura Marcato

Freelance Video Editor & Videographer

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
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Hi, my name is Laura!
I graduated in Contemporary Literature and Art in Milan in 2006. I studied directing and filmmaking at the Met Film School at Ealing Studios and I graduated in 2010.
I produced and directed 2 short films (Tears of a Clown 2009 and The Sound Of The Crickets 2010).
I know very well Final Cut Pro (I got the first level Apple certificate for FCP in 2009) and I'm also comfortable with all FCP suite and Photoshop. I also have my own editing equipment.
I currently work as Data operator at Cinesite.
I own a Canon 5D with some Canon lenses. (For filming I work with a professional sound mixer who owns his own sound kit).

**********Film experience**********

**Production Department**

* “Tears Of A Clown” (2009), Director
* “Whisper” (2009), short movie by Siobham McGill, 1AD
* “The Sound Of The Crickets” (2010), Director
* “Oscar's Way” (2010), short movie by Alice Henley, 2 AD

**Art Department**

* “Howard” (2010), short movie, Art Director

**Camera department**

* “STARTled” (2010), feature film by Maria Marshall, Cinematographer and Camera Assistent

**Location department**

* “The Manual” a feature film by Darren Paul Fisher, Location Manager.

**Film Editor**

* “Tears Of A Clown” (2009)
* “The Sound Of The Crickets” (2010)

**Other Crew**

* “Oscar's Way”, Still Photographer on set
* “Olga?” (2010) a short film by Ilaria D'Elia, Runner
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Video Editing