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Sharilee Swaity

Freelance Article Writer & Blog Writer

Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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I have been working as an online content writer for the last eighteen months, producing articles for both my own sites and other sites. I have the ability to take complex information and re-assemble into writing that is easy to understand. I like to take a business idea and turn it into something personal.

I have several websites where I am building my own content for residual income. Some of my best articles are currently on the front page of Google search and receive regular hits from Google searches. I am knowledgeable in using keywords to produce search-friendly writing without making it sound "stuffed. I have also received very good feedback for my writing for my online writing community, Hubpages.

I am also experienced in journalistic writing. I have written some freelance pieces for local newspapers, and have recently started as the Winnipeg Cat Examiner. My pieces there have received marks from 7-8 out of 8. With courses in Journalism, I am capable of doing an interview and writing in a news style.

My background is in Education. I worked as a teacher for seven years. My major was high school English. I spent many years correctly student work and teaching them the principles of writing and reading. Because the best way to learn is to teach something, my writing knowledge also increased while I was teaching English.

My knowledge of the field of Education gives me the gift of breaking down information and re-presenting it in a fresh and engaging manner. As a teacher, you have to be a first-rate communicator and always strive to get through to your students in a effective manner.
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