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Megan Fraser

Freelance Digital Artist & Animator

Location:Brockville, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills

Environment Design
· Strong conceptual skills in designing and sketching settings by Traditional and Digital mediums.
· Worked original designs through cleanup, Digital tonal and color renderings to create a final master layout/environment.

· Proficient skills in Digital and Traditional painting.
· Experience using Traditional mediums such as Gauche, Watercolor, and Acrylics.
· Experience using Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter and Art Rage programs.
· Strong in Digital Graphic styles as well as Semi-Realism and Speed Painting, both in color and tones, using photographs, textures and manual rendering.

· Good knowledge of mechanical animation, and character motion as well as timing/ spacing techniques.
· Experienced with 3D Animation in Maya, 2D animation and some Adobe Flash.
· Knowledge and experience with Flipbook program to capture and pencil test animations, and with Adobe After Effects/Premier to composite final scenes.
· Proficient at Cleanup animation.

3D Modelling
· Good knowledge of Maya
· Designed and consequently modelled original character using Maya efficiently and with clean wire frame.
· Modelled a hard surface figure, as well as hand models.

Character Design
· Strong conceptual skills in designing and sketching original creatures and characters.
· Strong skills rendering Digitally and well as Traditionally, through pencil sketches.
Story Boarding
· Strong skills in developing stories from ideas through to final versions.
· Good sense of performance and action in the story using the characters available.
· Proficient using Adobe Premier to create and organize final mixes of visuals and sound to create Leika reels.

Program Skill Base
· Strong in Adobe Photoshop; Proficient in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier; Minor skills in Adobe Flash, Corel Painter, ArtRage; Proficient in Autodesk Maya.

Sheridan Institute of Design & Tech. BAA: Animation DEGREE 2007 - 2011

· Completed 4th Yr Thesis Film from Concept through to Completion 2010 - 2011
· Recipient of the "Queen Elizabeth Scholarship" 2007 - 2011
· Recipient of the "Athens Lions Club Scholarship" 2007
· Recipient of the "Governor General’s Academic Award" 2007


Design/Animation Internship; "Social Game Universe", Toronto May 2010- Jul 2010
· Tasks performed - Worked with the Studio art team on concept and design work for existing and upcoming projects; producing sketches and designs in multiple mediums and styles. Produced isometric art using Vector and Pixel techniques, and minor test Flash animations using previously stated vectors.
· Skills developed - Independent work habits such as effective time management, initiative, organization, personal skills and art techniques in design, sketching, pixel art and vector art.

"Earthlight Entertainment", Toronto, ON Oct 2011 - Present
· Final Line and Painter Storyboard Artist for TBA Test Feature Film.

"Howling Moon Games", Toronto, ON June 2011 - Present
· Designed and created a painted Promotional Poster, as well as In-Game UI, Sprites, Background and Animations for TBA iPhone Game; work for Game Prototype.
· Added atmosphere, painted effects and depth to Pre-Designed 3D environments, created minor animations and character art for a Hidden Object TBA game project.

"Whitehouse Entertainment", Toronto, ON May 2011 - Present
· Worked on Character Rotations, Poses, Expression Sheets for Pre-Designed characters , and designing new characters for a TBA television show.
· Designed and Completed Photo-manipulated Mock advertisements, using Matte Painting and 2D Character Design.

"I-Rock Games", California Jul 2009 - Nov 2009
· Worked on graphics for Hidden Object iPhone game "2012 Secrets" (WT).

Commission Work 2007 - Present
· Completed Commissions for patrons through
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