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Ira A. Kirtley, AAHSM / Undergraduate, BS/P


Summary • I am 45 years of age with website design experience. I am enthusiastic to apply for writing jobs and can offer services in helping to build or create websites. I am a Demonstrated achiever with academic knowledge in “Human Service Management and the many component functionality concepts. Aced environmental Science, Human Resources in the United States, Science of Nutrition, Information technology and all Comp class’s . I presently am learning and have advanced knowledge in HTML, XHTML, & CSS for web-design.
• I graduated from the(University of Phoenix) Axia online college In Febuary of 2010 I then started to pursue my bachelor’s degree in the science of Psychology however financial situations has put a hold on my Bachelor’s program for now.
• I have taken core classes for the foundations of accurate and comprehensive information technology concepts along with an understanding of how information and knowledge are essential to the organization. I have exceptional critical thinking skills combined with fluency in reading and writing. Use’s Microsoft software programs exceptionally well Excel, Equation editor 3.0, Power Point with ability to create presentations, as well as the ability to learn new software.
• Learns new concepts and job duties quickly, works well under pressure, and communicates clearly and effectively.
• Computer skills and team knowledge to support multiple group dynamics and tasking along with beholding those concepts essential to support an effective and efficient team methodology. E-commerce, business 2 business functions as beneficial to customer care and the growth of organizational & product innovation. I have a desire to help others and that is why my bachelor focus was in psychology. I believe performance management and a positive attitude promote the organization/business.
• Enthusiastic with a very formal and experienced education. Ability to effectively and efficiently manage others while learning new concepts if needed.

Education Associates Degree in Arts & Administrative Human Service management
University of Phoenix
P.O. Box 29887
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9887. 2008 - 2010
B.A. Undergraduate in bachelor’s in the Science of Psychology
University of Phoenix
P.O. Box 29887
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9887
GPA 3.37 2010 – currently not enrolled
2007 - 2008
Career History & Accomplishments

Assistant to the Executive Director and shelter coordinator, Serve-City Chosen Ministries.
• Non-profit Business, a homeless shelter. Aided all acting employees and administration as an acting board member as well as a strategic planner in the function of many different organizational functions in this public outreach program. Operations mainly consisted of resourcing others (clients) as an 3rd shift night supervisor over-seeing and helping house the homeless, providing emergency shelter, and self development programs along with a genuine ear to listen and provide feasible services.
• Third shift shelter coordinator, responsible for nightly operations and client accountability
• Prepared reports and input data for the Homeless information management system software at both state and Federal reporting levels as well as assisting daily shelter operations through journal logging. 2007 – Feb, 2010
Small Business Owner / Contractor, I & S Interior Finish. A small business remodeling company
• Hold key responsibility in this small company for facilitating, proposals with customers and ensuring every job is completed to customer satisfaction.
• Started a small remodeling business for existing structure development and improvement negotiations..
• Initiated multiple projects and joint ventures working strategically with Home-Owners, on business and project objectives. 2007 - 2011
Forklift Operator, M Bohlkee Veneer, Corp.
• Handled warehouse functions for the company and the department head while importing / exporting Veneer. A sales and grading division manufacturing veneer catering primarily to the local domestic consumer as well as an attractive international customer base.
• Assisted in preparing Veneer and loading Material to be delivered to the consumer, customers.
• Established material handling and warehousing of product, track products throughout warehouse and develop further customer functions such as setting up show rooms and showing product.
Currently Building Website For Own Work @ Home Business 2011 2005-2007
Memberships & Affiliations
• Member, Hamilton New-life Vineyard Church sense (2004 – Current).
• Graduate University of Phoenix, I am A Phoenix (Axia, online College sense (2008 - 2010).
• Member, Worship team (Church) Veteran member (2004 – Current).
• Former Board of Directors (Serve-City Chosen Ministries) sense (2007 – 2009).
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