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Location:Duluth, Georgia, United States
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Under the pen name Mandika, I' m a writer of poetry, short stories and lyrics for 10 years professionally, publishing 3 books of which two can be found on Word clay and I'm also a writer for the Atlanta Examiner since November of 2010 to the present as a way to continue to hone my writing skills since the personal philosophy regarding writing of poetry and other forms of writing is, "There is never a point where one is beyond improvement." My spoken word is featured and catalogued with online radio shows such as online radio, I vocalize and write lyrics with an underground group called TwinMuses, as well as a blog for Hub Pages under the name NightFlower. Example Poem :

Ode to Honey

love from too many
uh uh
love for one
... when he wear that bow tie
i can't stand quiet for nuthin
he cast a spell
i let it work
then pour yellow onto
his skin
my sun
love too many
uh uh
give some shine to one
it glistens and sparkles
until we are company
we make jazz rubbin two sticks
he's my Raheem
lord have mercy when he
put on them jeans
he hear my applause
and honey is my reward
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