Diane A Brown

Freelance Nature Photographer & Fiction Writer

Location:Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Website: http://thereaderscove.blogspot.com/
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“Grandma on the go” would suit me well.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have spent most of my life there. The sound of rain soothes my soul, the beauty of nature inspires me, the ocean, salt air and sand are an integral part of life. My heritage is of the sea, with ancestors from Scandinavia and England. There are sailors, fisherman, nobleman and even royalty in my past. Explorers, painters, writers, farmers and the list goes on and on. I am blessed by such a rich heritage.

Raised on Rhodesia Beach, near the small coastal town of Bay Center, Washington I was a shy girl, a loner. Lost in the pages of a book, exploring the thick woods, or searching for treasures along the shore, I was content to be alone. It was a wonderful childhood. My father, Forrest, who I adored, ran a successful oyster business. However, when he became ill and unable to work my life changed dramatically.

Eventually I grew up, thankful for the wise lessons learned from my parents. Suffice it to say I have attended the school of hard knocks, often going head to head with “Murphy’s Law” but eventually winning the day, the week or the year.

I am the proud mother of eight children, (Yes, all of them are mine). Our nest is empty but the grandchildren are starting to appear. Alyssa is the oldest at 3 and there is Jacob jr., Madison and Hunter as well. Gardening in the summer is my favorite pastime, and most evenings and rainy days (and where ever else I can) involve reading.

A love of reading, of adventure, was instilled while very young. Telling make believe stories to my niece and nephews led to writing short stories, poetry, skits and eventually a published article here and there. Someday, perhaps, I will tackle the book market. (I have enough adventures to fill volumes)

But for now, past the half century mark in years, I am content to enjoy the works of others. Their voyages of discovery become mine. Once again I am young, free, and taking on the world.