D. Gabrielle Jensen

Freelance Writer & Editor

Location:Grand Junction, Colorado, United States
Website: http://www.bending-spoons.com
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D. Gabrielle Jensen


Owner/Operator/Editor in Chief - Spoonbender Press and bending spoons 'zine
Spoonbender Press is an independent publisher created primarily to showcase works of speculative fiction (including but not limited to sf/f/df/h) and to represent bending-spoons.com, a not-for-profit, submissions based online literary collection with the same goals.

Freelance Writer - Write for Cash, Associated Content/Yahoo! Voices, Examiner.com, Press Play Review, Tranquilizer Radio, BlogCritics.org
Have worked in internet/SEO content production starting in 2004. For Associated Content, served as Holiday Category Editor and Featured Music/A&E contributor until both positions were dissolved. Primary focus has been toward advice for college students and their families, bridal consulting/wedding planning, advice and tips for writing creative fiction and creative non-fiction, and music reviews and profiles.

Exclusive rights granted for written work created for one-time, upfront payment. Work created for periodic "royalty" style payments receive non-exclusive and archival rights. All work in portfolio has been published with non-exclusive rights and may be reprinted elsewhere; work created for BlogCritics.org may only be republished with the proper attribution link. PM me for more details in either case.
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