Marta Chias

Freelance German Translator & Spanish Translator

Location:Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
2 Skills
January 2008 Move to Barcelona
(various freelance jobs as translator, german and english classes)

Feb. '07 – Dec. '07 ARCADIA Clothing Group Ltd. (Topshop/Topman,Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Burton), London (UKI)

Activity: Exports and Logistics
Responsibility: Prepare paperwork for customs (garments, stationary and graphics) for Wholesale countries like Japan, USA, France, Italy; contact with freight forwarders and DC's, Tariff coding for each brand, KPI's and Activities Reports, Shop opening Reports for International, In charge of all Exports of KATE MOSS Collection from May 2007 for SS07 and AW07 to USA, with Topshop shop opening in New York in process, prepare paperwork on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to Croatia/Serbia/Bosnia. Helping out with direct shipments from China to US.

November 2005 - February 2007 UNITED WINERIES LTD., Arco Bodegas Lagunilla (part of Grupo Arco S.L.), London

Activity: Distribution of own spanish wines (Rioja, Ribera de Duero, Marques de Monistrol and Martins in Argentina)
Responsibility: Customer Service (Japan, Australia, Russia, Eastern Countries, Asia, Africa, Europe): Input of wine orders for production in AS/400 for potential supermarkets and off trade (licensed wine sellers or speciality shops. Ensuring all certificates (certificate analysis, certificate of origin, B/L as required from respective countries. Ensuring other special requirements such as labels, treated palets from Cellars in Spain. Contact constantly with customers on phone or e-mail for any queries. Daily contact with production, logistics, Invoicing and Credit Control (in Spain). Ensuring deadlines for orders. Assisting 3 sales people for above mentioned zones.

March – May 2005 N.M.I., Nick Mascitelli Imports, Sydney AU (in Travel)

Activity: Support during sales campaign for D&G, GF, Fornarina, EXTE, C’N’C, Roberto Cavalli etc.
Responsibility: Supporting customer service in all matter as ensuring samples and production deadlines, assisting sales people to attend buyers at showroom, house modelling for customers etc. - working holiday stage

11.05.02 – 14.05.2004 FMC Foret S.A., Barcelona

Activity: American chemical company
Responsibility: Customer Service Europe (Responsible for Germany, France, Benelux, UK, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Scandinavia): Organise transport of chemical products in special container trucks, from warehouse to potential chemical customers. Input of orders in SAP, in contact customers on phone or e-mail, daily contact with transport companies, dealing of prices with special truck providers and transport companies. Ensuring all documentation is done and attached. Helping out special project for a potential customer in Scandinavia with personal visit, to ensure delivery direct via rail door to door from production in Spain to customer in Sweden, with success.

08.05.00 – 05.2002 Fashion Box España SL., Barcelona

Activity: Jeans- and Casual wear (REPLAY / E-PLAY / COCA-COLA)
Responsibility: Assistant of Country Manager for Spain and Portugal: Assisting the Country Manager for REPLAY JEANS Spain and Portugal (Jeans, Casual Wear, Underwear, SunFun, Shoes) a higher price range brand named E-PLAY and introduction of COCA-COLA WEAR in Spain and Portugal (Fusion with Fashion-Box Srl). Contact between main factory in Italy and 7 agents for Spain and 2 agents for Portugal. Input of orders during Sales campaign and repositions. Ensuring all sending of samples to all agents (7) and helping out during sales campaign the sales people (attending personally customers of multibrand shops in Spain. Attending Customers on phone and personally (Customer Services), complaints, returned goods. Mailings regarding changes on garments, prepare budgets for agents to ensure buying of textiles. Prepare Showroom in Barcelona for campaign presentations and PR, TV Series. Contact with media. Statistics and market research.
Other tasks as Product Manager such as find proper visual merchandising for each product, control rotation of stocks, market research, sales rankings etc.

01.09.97 – 01.05.00 Helmut Roegele S.A., Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona)

Activity: German plastic injection machines
Responsibility: Comercial secretary: Assisting 3 sales people in offers, information at providers, Import deadlines, process of production and delivery of machines, ensure the deadlines are held. Daily phone contact with German, Austrian and Italian providers. Translations of technical texts from Spanish/German and German/Spanish. Daily contact with potential customers (such as BRAUN ESPAÑA S.L.).

01.09.96 – 31.07.97 Telekurs Finanzinformation AG, Zurich

Actividad de la empresa: Financial information (Back office).
Responsibility: Back office for Spanish Stock Exchange (MAD, BCN, VAL, BIL): Ensuring all information in the internal system regarding any spanish Stock Exchange title or general info that was on the market, through : Spanish Stock Exchange Bulletins from Madrid-Barcelona-Valencia and Bilbao, Spanish Financial Newspapers, Internet. Introduce them to the internal system as information for potential customers.

01.12.94 – 31.08.96 Play Artist Agency AG, Zurich

Activity: Recruitment company for piano players in piano-bars
Responsibility: Secretary: assisting 2 agents, Issuing artist contracts for piano players (also issuing all documents for government licenses - such as for the Foreign police). Attending phone callas from artists and assisting them on ever possible questions and providing all information. Ensuring all material of office and premises. Attending personally artist at office.

21.08.92 – 30.11.94 Schneider & Cie. AG, Zurich (Switzerland - non EU)

Activity: International Transports
Responsibility: Export administrative: Dispatching trucks to Italy/France, ensuring all documentation for groupage trucks of all customers to do personally the dispatch at the Custome Clearence office. Invoicing on INCOTERMS basis and introduction of orders in AS/400, attending Customers on phone, contact with import company, contact with truck companies (freighting of trucks - including negotiation of prices for trucks). Issuing T-1, CMR for groupage, ensuring certificates of origin (from Chamber of Commerce) were attached when necessary.

Academic Experience / Education

1980 – 1986 Elemental school in Zurich (Switzerland)

1986 – 1989 Secundary school in Zurich (Switzerland)

21.08.89 – 20.08.92 Bachelor of International Trade
(Kaufmännische Handelsschule Zürich) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL 3 years with practice at and specialised in LOGISTICS:
Kunststoff Technik AG
Personaltreuhand M. Tewlin
Schneider & Cie. AG, Int. Transporte, Zürich (final exam with licensee in LOGISTICS in 1992)

Complementary academic Experience

1980 – 1988 Spanish school in Zurich (Bachelor of elementary Spanish school = E.G.B / Graduado Escolar)

17.07.89 – 04.08.89 French Summer-Course in Nice (France)

1985 – 1993 Piano classes (Jugendmusikschule der Stadt Zürich”)

1998 – 1999 Catalan course (Centre de Normalització lingüística de Catalunya Generalitat de Catalunya, level B - elementary)

10.2001 – 06.2002 Film Synchronization Course (Aula Radio)

2003 Introduction to DREAMWEAVER (Web-Page design course)


Spanish/German Bilingual (mother tongue)
Italian fluent (oral and written, A-levels)
English fluent (oral and written, A-levels)
French fluent (oral and written, A-levels)
Catalan well spoken and written

Knowledge in PC

- Word advanced
- Excel advanced
- Access basic
- Outlook Express advanced
- Internet advanced
- SAP advanced
- AS/400 advanced
- Dreamweaver WEB PAGES basic (course in Barcelona 2003)


- Driver license (B1, CEE)
- Sports (various diploma in swimming, walking RACE)
- Music (Piano lessons from 1985 – 1992)
- Diving (SCUBA Diving – Advanced)