Carl Andrew

Freelance Editor & Creative Writer

Location:Kettering, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
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I am a friendly, hard-working and self motivated physics graduate who is proficient with analytical and technical tasks, and problem solving. However, my major strengths lie with my writing and communication skills, especially creative writing, technical writing and editing.

I believe that successful fictitious or non-fictitious material is the result not of the underlying material, but the result of creative and effective communication. This is something i noticed quickly growing up in education, with a large number of teachers failing the most vulnerable and challenged students because proper engagement was never ensured for everyone. Absolutely anyone can be caught by the magic of reading if it is engaging, relate-able and debatable, and i most enjoy giving the opportunity for people to discover and think of new things that are not used to doing so.

I have an excellent eye for detail and go out of my way to ensure that work is of the highest quality, which makes be a good editor in general. I am also able to write in any particular style, or my own style if allowed to be creatively independent. I like most areas of literature, though i have most experience in the reading of fantasy and science fiction which i tend to enjoy the most.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact me.
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Creative Writing