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Fredrik Häthén

Freelance Audio Editor & Song Writer

Location:Karlshamn, Blekinge County, Sweden
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Personal Statement

I am a musician, sound designer and music composer. Over the years I have worked with a multitude of musical styles and sound design situations, and I am always improving my craft in any way I can, finding new ways to express myself. I am also an avid gamer who grew up with video games and would love a chance to provide audio for them, even though I am more than willing to work with film, commercials and other things.

Academic Achievements to Date

Linnaeus University
- Arrangering I (Orchestration I), 15 ECTS credits
Uppsala University
- Allmän musiklära (General music theory), 7,5 ECTS credits
Blekinge Institute of Technology
- Bachelor's degree in Media Technology, 180 ECTS credits
Lund University
- English, 69 ECTS credits (involving grammar and reading/writing comprehension)

Other Achievements to Date

Military Service
- 10 months, Swedish Army Drum Corps


Music Composition
- Wide range of styles, including orchestral, techno/trance, jazz, ambience and chiptune
- Very experienced working with MIDI and VSTi:s
Sound Design
- Recording
- Editing
- Processing
- Mixing
DAW Knowledge
- Cubase, SONAR, Reason, Logic, GarageBand
- Also familiar with music implementation tools (Wwise and XACT)
- Able to write/arrange music for large instrument groups and small ensembles
- Experienced in music notation using Finale
- Belarus Philharmonic Orchestra has performed/recorded my work

Previous Employment

Cool Core Audio
- Own company, music and sound effects for smaller game titles
12 O'clock Studios
- Music Composer, Lead Sound Designer, CCO
- Have worked together with Dynamedion, producing a symphonic orchestra soundtrack
Skills (2) Rating
Audio Editing
Song Writing