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Mark G. McLaughlin
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Mark G. McLaughlin is a professional, prolific and full-time free-lance journalist, ghost-writer, script writer, magazine editor, columnist, book reviewer, novelist and game designer. Mark has more than 30 years of experience in writing about gaming, international relations and history – specifically military history.

A graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, his love and knowledge of history have served him well in his careers in writing and in designing board games. Mark has had 15 games published since 1979, and a 16th is now available for pre-publication orders with the publisher. Mark has also written extensively in the board and computer gaming field, not only as a contributor and columnist but also as managing editor and history editor of several print and on-line magazines.

Mark lives in Connecticut with his wife and two children, and is active in his community, having served on the boards of his local library and service organizations while also coaching soccer and volunteering as a leader for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Mark’s 15 published board games include:
- War and Peace (Avalon Hill)
- Viceroys (Task Force Games)
- Princess Ryan’s Star Marines (Avalon Hill)
- The Napoleonic Wars (GMT Games)
- Wellington (GMT Games)
- Kutuzov (GMT Games)

Mark’s published works include a novel and two history books:
- The Wild Geese: The Irish Brigades of France and Spain (Osprey)
- Battles of the American Civil War (Crown)
- Princess Ryan’s Star Marines (due out in November 2011)

Mark has also contributed to several anthologies, including:
- The Amazing Book of History (Armchair Reader Series, West Side Publishing)
- Brassey’s Encyclopedia of Military History & Biography (Brassey’s Inc.)

Mark served as an editor for the following publications:
- The Wargamer (print edition; managing editor)
- The Wargamer (on-line edition; history editor)
- The General (print edition; computer columnist & editor)

Mark is a regular and on-going contributor to the Clarion and Foreword book reviews. He has reviewed over 50 books in 2011 alone. Some of those may be found on his Foreword web page:
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