Melinda Monroy

Freelance Spanish Translator & Admin Support Freelancer

Location:Sanford, North Carolina, United States
2 Skills
Melinda A. Monroy
3113 Hickory Hill Dr.
Sanford, NC 27330

Ability to work well with others, good people person, good attitude.
Willing to improve myself through education, and self-motivation. Able to do many
tasks, and jobs at once. Over eight years of industrial work, including
assembly, and pack-out production work. Over 26 years of continuing translation and interpreting skills including but not limited, to schools, employees, doctors
offices, dentist offices, lawyers offices, court appearances, immigration office,
department of motor vehicles etc. Over fifteen years office work, answering phones
greeting people etc. Background includes various job experiences in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, basic first aid, certified nurse assistant, and trained in basic medical emergencies.

Work History:

Prologistics/Caterpillar Womack Rd. Sanford, NC 27330 (07/2011-Present)
Zone Scanner, order parts for machines, fork lift experience.

Sandra’s Bakery Wicker Street Sanford, NC 27330 (10/2010-09/2011)
Part time- Baker/laborer
Duties consist of, but not limited to: Making donuts, running proof machine, frying donuts, running sheeter machine, setting up big mixer, assisting customers.

Southern Lee High School, 2301 Tramway Rd. Sanford, NC 27332 (2005-2009)
Administrative Assistant/Translator/Driver Education Coordinator
Back-up Sims Operator/ NotaryPublic/ Registrar for Guidance Office
Duties consist of, but not, limited to, filing all school records, requesting student records from previous school. Entering student data into computer, enrolling and withdrawing students from SIMS, working with master schedule, scheduling students manually, printing report cards etc., answering all phone calls for guidance office and counselors, transferring phone calls to appropriate person. Entering Immunization information for students in their records, and in computer translating for non-English speaking students and parents. Distributing driver certificates, signing students up for driver’s education and confirming grades for eligibility, greeting people as they come into the guidance office, translating for principal and school nurse to parents and students, transferring phone calls to appropriate person.

Lee Senior High School, 1708 Nash Street Sanford, NC 27330 (2003-2005)
Administrative Assistant-Records in Guidance office/Translator /Registrar-
Duties consist of, but not limited to, filing all school records, requesting student records from other schools, entering student data into computer, answering all calls for guidance counselors, translating for non-English speaking students and parents. Greeting people as they come into guidance office.

East Lee Middle School, 1337 Broadway Road, Sanford, NC 27330 (2002-2003)
Front Office Secretary/ Translator Duties consist of, but not limited to, working with students, parents, faculty, etc. Basic computer work, answering multiple telephone lines, translating for non-English speaking students and parents.

Honeywell International, 336 Pearidge Road,Moncure, NC 27559 (1999-2001)
Fibers 03 operator/ Fibers 02 operator
As a fibers operator, my duties consisted of packing out yarn in boxes to deliver to the customer, running a twister machine and rewind machine at a percentage rate, and segregating yarn to its proper destination. As a fibers 02 operator, my duties consisted of managing a creel by keeping full for continuous running, cleaning work area, and helping warper operator to achieve production. Reading blue prints to be able to work with necessary material.

Eaton Corporation, Lee Avenue, Sanford, NC (1997-1999)
Duties consisted of assembling valves for air conditioning systems in cars. Other duties consisted of packing valves to be shipped out, Blue print reading, and filling out
production sheets at the end of shifts, assembling heads and dryer receiver parts in dryer receiving dept.

Cherokee Sanford Brick, 800 Brickplant Road ,Moncure ,NC 27559 (1996-1998)
CSR for Shapes Department
English/Spanish Interpreter, Lead Shapes Packager
Duties included all translation of paper work from English to Spanish for the entire plant, work with managers, supervisors, foreman, and corporate personnel to communicate back and forth with employees. Fork lift driver unload and load shipping trucks, package shipment orders. Also worked on insurance forms, medical/dental forms for all non –English speaking employees. Speaking directly with customer to place orders, and discussing type of brick shapes, colors or forms needed, negotiating with customer over prices.

Sunshine Sanitation, Garner, NC 27592(1993-1996)
Duties include helping on farm, interpreting for workers. Doing Payroll, driving tractor/ forklifts, and accompanying employees to doctor offices, helping them fill out insurance and medical forms at doctors’ offices, court appearances, etc. as a translator

Computer Classes (Central Carolina Community College)
Safety Implementation team member
Basic Emergency Training
CPR Certified
Nursing Assistant Certification
Quality Concept Training
Diversity Training Class
QS/ISO 900 training
Lead Person
English/Spanish Fluent
Forklift Licensed with experience
CSR for Shapes Department (responsible for placing and receiving orders)
Willing to continue education to meet job demands
Microsoft Office 2007 (CCCC)