Jason Fowler

Freelance 3D Animator & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:Longview, Washington, United States
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Jason R Fowler

3910 SE 166th Ave. #6
Portland, Oregon 97236
Email: cgpuppetking@gmail.com
Home Phone: 503-492-4912

Job Qualifications
I am a visual effects artist with over five years experience as a Character Artist,
Setup Artist, and Prop Designer for both Cinematic and Real time 3D assets.
I have a high proficiency with the following.


* Box Modeling
* Digital Sculpting
* UV Layout
* Character Setup and Rigging
* Texture Painting
* Map Baking Including: Normal and Displacement
* Maya Rendering: Materials and Lighting
* Mental Ray Rendering: Materials and Lighting


* Maya
* Zbrush
* Photoshop
* After Effects


Received G.E.D and Attended 4 Yrs College
At Portland Community College 2006-2009
Course of study: Interactive Media
Attended Two Semesters at

The Art Institute of Portland
Course of study: Media Arts and Animation

Work History
Currently doing 3D art for a Sci-Fi dice and paper role playing game
At CoronaGalaxy.com. Contact at coronagalaxy@gmail.com

General Employment

Super Dollar 6012 Main St
Columbia, S.C 29203-6272
Phone: 803-786-5036
Job Title Lead sales Associate
My duties included
Customer service
Maintaining Stock
Custodial Duties
Loading and Unloading Merchandise

McDonalds 1024 Elmwood Ave
Columbia, S.C 29201-2031
Phone: 803-799-9523
Job Title Cook
My duties included
Preparing Food
Custodial Duties

2401 Reidville Rd # A, Spartanburg, SC
(864) 576-9043 ? bi-lo.com
Job Title Clerk
My duties included
Bagging Groceries
Customer service
Skills (2) Rating
3D Animation
3D Graphic Design