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Sandra Gorter

Freelance Book Writer & Article Writer

Location:Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
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Sandra Gorter:


Institution: University of Auckland
Qualification: Master of Arts, Honours
Major Subject: English

Institution: University of Auckland
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts
Major Subject: English and History

Institution: London School of Journalism
Qualification: Honours Diploma in Journalism
Major Subject: Journalism

Institution: New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology
Qualification: Qualified Technical Assistant’s Certificate
Major Subject: Histology

Comment: I completed a paper in Principles of Marketing with Massey University


New Zealand Society of Authors
Professional Historians Association of New Zealand
National Oral Historians Association of New Zealand/Aotearoa

I undertake fixed term contracts for independent contractors, museums, writing for magazines, newspapers, and independent publications. I am engaged to source information from a wide range of research options on my assigned topics, to compile this information, and to present it in a lively and authoritative format.

Skills required include but are not limited to:

Relationship building and relationship management are essential for managing these contracts.

Research options include: sourcing of oral material from primary sources and documenting this in an academically acceptable format, examination of magazine and newspaper archive material, sourcing of material from private collections, examination of material from
government archives, researching material in museum archives, researching photographic collections.

Presentation options for books require sourcing and management of professional services such as those of editors, graphic artists, and printers.

Personal presentations to groups require good: speaking skills, entertainment skills, Powerpoint skills, accurate presentation of data.


• Publication and positive critical reviews of six books.
• Travel to Newport Rhode Island and Europe for research
• International publication

Selection of articles published:

Wooden Boat USA, Tradeaboat, 3 years with own column Classic Lines. New Zealand Herald, Classic Boat UK, NZ's Boating World, Sea Spray, various medical journals. Freelance work for: New Holland Publishers, ACP media, Fairfax, New Zealand Rural Press, Adis Press, Medical publishers & others.


Ranger, the Making of a New Zealand Yachting Legend
Fidelis, (in production)
Scout, 100 Years Astern
The Murray Memoirs
Paddle About Tasmania

Play: The Clevedon Story


Sandra Gorter is a self-starter who has worked independently for twenty years as a writer with a variety of projects including writing for: newspapers, magazines, public relations, museum exhibitions, and book projects. All of the contracts have required some level of original research from a basic level for general media articles, through to a museum exhibition, tourism guides providing entertaining historical information, up to fully researched projects for publication as books. I have six books published and my work has also been used as the basis of a website a kayakers guide to paddling the rivers of Tasmania:

I organise and administer all resources required for a project including selecting subjects and obtaining interviews, transforming interviews into publishable material, accessing research facilities including libraries and government records, scheduling of publicity and events, sourcing and administering of professional services such as legal and accounting services, delivering information in many formats including excel statistics, MYOB financial information, and presentations to groups using Powerpoint.

I work in a friendly, apparently relaxed manner, and ensure that all administration is conducted to the highest levels of efficiency. I ensure that all stakeholders are fully consulted to ensure the best possible outcomes for every project. This approach has ensured the appreciation of stakeholders I have worked with, who frequently comment on, and commend me for the efficiency and positive outcome achieved.

I also have a range of skills gained from experience in areas such as but not limited to: scientific research including laboratory and data gathering, field work and management in the construction industry, general administration, and in the film and entertainment industries


As the result of my past experience I have strong interpersonal and communication skills. I am able to balance the requirements of stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcomes in the projects I manage. My strengths include:

• Strong ability to relate to and work with others in many roles
• Communication with all stakeholders in a variety of formats
• An efficient manager (see testimonial comments)
• Management of resources
• Relationship Management
• Decision making
• Organisation
• Time Management
• Research
• Sourcing of information and commodities
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