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Alain Viesca

Freelance 3D Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
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Alain Viesca


I have been freelancing as an illustrator since 1990 part time going to full time as of 2003 as well as licensing out art for use in psp media, decals & skins for electronics, t-shirt lines and other upper body apparel for companies such as DecalGirl®, The Mountain®, Skulbones® and MYpsp Tubes®. Providing art and concept illustrations for books and audio cd covers for such as D&C Books ltd, ADV multimedia entertainment company, Origins Games Manufacturers Association & AudioText®. As of 2000 I have been exhibiting conventions, art festivals and galleries in the North America, displaying and selling my work, networking and and maintaining my own business contacts.

Graphics objective:
My goal as an artist, illustrator, and 3D modeler is to provide creative concepts and visuals in a unique and memorable way that will enhance the work overall.


Over the last ten years I've been exhibiting and selling my own work in the USA and Canada, mainly thru art fairs, exhibits, conventions and galleries. I've also been designing custom art and illustrations from concept to production ready art for various clients for book covers, interior art and promotionals and licensing. I have had experience in hard cover book, vhs cover art design, cd audio book art, client specific 3d models, web animation clips,  photo reconstruction and retouching, and multimedia art. 
My main strengths lie in Digital matte painting, Illustration and 3d modeling,.

Illustration skills (Mac & PC):

Expertise using PC/Windows and Mac OS, Adobe Photoshop software CS4, Extensive experience using 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, some use of Dreamweaver. Some experience with Adobe After Effects and Illustrator, well versed in traditional means using pen and ink, pencils, acrylics and architectural markers, airbrush and watercolor. Styles include realistic, stylized, technical or cartoon. I specialize in digital matte painting and CG modeling. I've also extensive experience in digital photo retouching and reconstruction.
Light typing with familiarity with Excel, Microsoft Word and Acrobat. Experience in initial concept and design, photo reconstruction and retouching, color correction art for print or media, storyboard design and layout.


I've been working professionally since 1990 and am currently running my own studio incorporating digital matte painting, 3d modeling and traditional art techniques into my work. Artist and illustrator, I have been freelancing for several small companies and exhibiting my art throughout the year mainly on the East and West coasts. I hold in particular interests art, science, and all things hi-tech. An avid reader and a fair cook, I live in Oklahoma City with my wife, two kids and two red Dobermans with a penchant for pecans.

Contracted, worked for or freelanced with in the following companies:

Alain Viesca Arts LLC 1993-Present
Illustrator/Freelance Artist
Commission & contract art, licensed works, 3D design & development.
Sole Owner/Artist
1993 thru Present

Liquid Logix 2007-2008
3D Modeling, Digital Matte Painting and other Illustrations.
Working under Josh Hurst, contracted for 3d models and illustrations.

Candid Color Systems 1998 - 2003
Digital retoucher and photographic reconstruction artist. Working under Digital Art Lead James Bryant.

Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design 1997 -1999
Artist and digitizer creating art for and digitizing art for embroidery designs.

AD Vision 1993 - 1997
Freelance artist creating vhs wrap around covers and promotional art. Working directly under Matt Greenfield.

Education :
AAI Phoenix, AZ  1993-1994
Graphic Arts and Fine Arts and Illustration.

OKCCC Oklahoma City, OK 1994-1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002-2004
Digital Content Creation, 3D Animation & Design.
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3D Animation
Digital Art