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Rosemarie Gillen

Freelance Digital Artist, Children's Book Illustrator, & More

Location:Washington, United States
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Looking for that right illustrator for your children’s book, a reliable, professional children’s book illustrator? Then contact me and together we will make your story come to life!

I am a professional, published, award-winning illustrator who has illustrated well over 100 books. As a professional freelance Children's Book Illustrator it is my job is to bring the characters in your book to life through lively, colorful, illustrations. A professional illustrator is able to show your readers everything about your story that your manuscript does not say. They create a world for your characters to live in.

I offer a complete package of services from start to finish, including illustration, text placement, front matter, cover art (front and back covers), starter promotional documents, layout and design and preparing your project for printing. I can handle every need to turn your manuscript in to a book in hand. I offer an "all-in-one" service where you can get both your illustration and publishing needs taken care of. After your illustrations have been completed, I can take you all the way through the rest of the publishing process too! Right to the point where you'll have a printed book in your hands, and your book is selling on!

I specialize in children's picture books, cover design, chapter books, educational material, and E-Books/kindles and more.

My proposal is to produce your book from start to finish, leaving nothing for YOU to worry about. Here's exactly how I’ll do it;

1. I will divide your manuscript into the correct amount of pages, and I will pay close attention to making the flow of your words enjoyable for your readers. This called “layout”.
2. Together we are going to design how your book will look at publication.
3. I am going to create all the illustrations you need to bring your story to life.
4. Together we will find a publishing company that is reasonable priced to print your book. I can also handle the layout and printing for you dealing with the printer directly on your behalf. All books are professionally printed, high quality books
5. Together we will decide on a size that would most enhance the readers experience.
6. I will write a simple, mutually binding contract that you will easily understand. There will be no additional charge for this contract.

My illustration process
We will work together to make sure that the characters are how you envisioned them!

1. For each page of the book I will create an illustration. I will email the illustration to you one at a time.
2. With each illustration you receive you will have the opportunity to look it over and decide if you would like any minor changes.
3. Once your approval is received and changes have been made I will then proceed to the next one.This process will be repeated until the book is done, giving you complete control over the outcome of each illustration.

I will listen very closely to your suggestions and do my very best to give you what you ask for!
As a professional children's illustrator, I understand the importance of creating characters kids will love! I believe in the wonderful partnership between an author and illustrator who work together to create something that a child will read over and over.

Thank you for considering me for your project. I feel it is an honor anytime an author is willing to place his/her faith in my abilities to bring their dream to life!

With true appreciation, Rosemarie