Francisca Arévalo

Freelance Spanish Translator & Editor

Location:Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, Chile
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Francisca María Paz Arévalo Ortiz
Translator and Interpreter
Address: 1524 Enrique Soro st. Nº 32, Villa Springhill San Pedro de la Paz, Concepción, Chile
Phone: (56-41)2465405
Movile: 7-654 79 48


To get a job which will help me to grow as a professional as well as a person. To scale up in the process of becoming an excellent professional. To improve my knowledge about the translating area as well as to contribute to the development of this area.


• Four years studying English Translation and Interpretation at the British Institute Concepción
• Computer skills in Excel, Word, Power Point, Internet.
• Responsible, honest, discreet and prudent, good communication and team working skills, positive attitude, motivation for providing and accurate finished work, willing to change residence.
• Mark B in FCE Cambridge Exam.



Professional Title: English-Spanish Translator and Interpreter

Higher Education - British Institute Concepción, 2006 - 2010
High School - Colegio Concepción San Pedro, Concepción 1995-2004
Primary School - Colegio Madres Dominicas, Concepción 1991-1994


• Assistan Clerk for Foster Wheeler Construction during September.
• Translator and interpreter for FWT/Petropower since February 2010 to August2011, in the areas of General, Operational, Maintenance and Financial Managements as well as in the area of Safety Coordination (attached file bellow)
• Internship at Foster Wheeler Talcahuano (Petropower) from December 2010 to January 2011
• Contact Interpreter for the International conference “Experiencias, Saberes y Aprendizajes sociales de las Emergencias y Desastres Naturales” held at Santo Tomás University in July 2010.
• Teaching English as a tutor for children between 6 and 15 years old
• Representing Chilean-British Institute at Higher Education fairs and High Schools 2006-2009


• Miss Patricia Osorio Baeza, director of studies English Translation and interpretation Santo Tomás Institute. Movile phone: 77657000. e-mail:
• Miss Astrid Araya, Management Assistant from Foster Wheeler Talcahuano. Phone: 41-2500606, e-mail:
• Mr. Brian Mace, General Manager of Foster Wheeler Talcahuanois,Phone: 41-2500601, e-mail:
• Mr. David Laird, Superintendent of Foster Wheeler Construction USA. Phone: (1) 251 366 32664, e-mail:


• Reading
• Cooking
• Outdoor Sports

(Concepción, Chile, July, 2011)
Technical Translations Report
December to date

Safety Area:
• Confined Space training – Entrenamiento espacio confinado (Power point 83 slides)
• Confined Space – Espacio confinado (word, 9 pages)
• Anhydrous Ammonia - Amoniaco anhidro (Power Point, 19 slides)
• Electrical Hazards – Riesgos eléctricos (Power point, 108 slides)
• Forklift – Seguridad en montacargas (Power point, 95 slides)
• Job Hazard Analysis - Análisis riesgos laborales (Excel, 93 pages)
• Life Criticals Final – Actividades riesgosas para la vida (word, 12 pages)
• Rigging – Maniobras de aparejo (Word, 11 pages)
• Abrasive blasting – Granallado (Word, 4 pages)
• Hand tool – Herramientas manuales (Word, 7 pages)
• Powder actuated Tools – Herramientas activadas por pólvora (Word, 5 pages)
• Power tools – Herramientas Eléctricas (Word, 6 pages)
• Radiographic Work – Trabajos radiográficos (Word, 7 pages)
• Stairs and Ladders – Escaleras y escalas (Word, 7 pages)
• Welding and Cutting – Soldadura y corte (Word, 25 pages)
• Bomb Threat Checklist – Amenaza de bomba (Word, 1 page)
• Area Safety Inspection – Inspección de seguridad de area (Word, 3 pages)
• Elevator Inspection – Inspcción a elevador (Word, 2 pages)
• Sunbcontractor precual questionnaire - Cuestionario de precalificación del contratista (Word, 3 pages)
• Assured Equipment Grounding Log - Registro programa para asegurar conexión a tierra segura del equipo (Word, 1 page)
• Materials Handling, Related to Hazardous Waste Activities - Manipulación de material relacionado con actividades de desechos peligroso (Word, 8 pages)
• Material Handling & Storage - Manipulación y almacenamiento de materials (Word, 16 pages)
• Hydrogen Sulfide - Sulfuro de hidrógeno (Word, 6 pages)

General Management
• Confidential legal documents

Financial and Administration Department
• Confidential documents

Maintenance Department
• Spare Brakes (Word, 1 page)
• Pelka Funs (Word, 1 page)
• Notes by SPX (Word, 4 pages)

Operational Department
• HRA Secondary Superheater Repairing Final Report
• Main Steam Line Hydraulic Testing Report
• Hydrostatic Test
• Questions about cooling tower new chemical control
• Boiler Hydraulic Testing Report
• Bradley mill

Human Resources Department
• Core Values (78 pages)

USA Translations and Interpretations
• Foster Wheeler Construction - Forklift
• TGM – Interpretations
• SPX – General Translations and Interpretations
• G.E. – General Interpretations
• FWT – Interpretations (Safety Meetings, Training)
• Phone support for international calls

By Francisca Arévalo Ortiz
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